What to Do to Prevent Lightning Affecting Your Dogs: Experts Give Tips to Apply at Home

    For Alejandra Alvarado, training expert and part of the organization, the first thing is to set up a place in the house or close a space in the patio, with the intention that they can take a shelter

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    With the start of the rainy season in our country, and little by little those rains will increase and especially the electrical storms, one of the concerns is the dogs, who are scared by the lightning strikes and the subsequent thunder. From the EducandogCR organization they seek to help you with tips so that this does not affect your pet or at least, to reduce the effects that lightning has on dogs. For Alejandra Alvarado, training expert and part of the organization, the first thing is to set up a place in the house or close a space in the yard, with the intention that they can take shelter.

    Also, she recommends doing aromatherapy, putting it both in a diffuser and behind the dog’s ears. Before doing so, the veterinarian should be consulted, which she recommends. “Wherever the shelter is located, you should have your blanket. Relaxing music on level 3 can also help calm him down and if the anxiety continues, you can buy a femur bone and ask the butcher to cut it into an appropriate size for the dog”, Alvarado explained. “If his anxiety and fear are definitely out of control, you can consult the vet about the convenience of giving him an anxiolytic such as CBD and in what dose”, she added.

    Why are they afraid of lightning?

    According to an article published in National Geographic Magazine, lightning strikes scare dogs due to barometric pressure —something dogs can feel— and that added to darkening skies, wind, and thunder can cause fear reactions. Some also cannot stand noise, which can make them uncomfortable or even terrified of loud sounds.

    Another advice from experts is for owners to be calm so as not to transmit fear to their pet. Additionally, Alvarado advises that if the dogs are in the yard, the owners make sure that there are no bars or places through which they try to flee when scared. Finally, the expert points out that dogs need to take daily walks of at least 20 minutes, so it is recommended to do so before there is a threat of rain.

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