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    Colombian Beauty Queen’s Cannabis Company Expands Operations To Costa Rica With CBD Products

    The company was founded in 2019. Announcements of the expansion come shortly after the company goes public on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

    5 Great Health Uses for CBD

    There's a growing body of research with evidence to suggest that CBD, a non-psychoactive, chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, has many positive...
    Costa Rica Promoting registration of products for the Cannabis and Hemp industry

    Costa Rica: Promoting registration of products for the Cannabis and Hemp industry

    The production and commercialization of derivatives of Cannabis and Hemp are taking their first steps in Costa Rica

    Why Is the Use of Medicinal Marijuana Necessary?

    Mauricio Lizcano suffered from severe pain, dizziness, and nausea, due to a blood stem malformation that also made him a wheelchair user. In 2007,...

    New Butterfly Species with Pink Back Wings Discovered in Guanacaste

    Philtronoma Cbdora; this is the name of a new species of butterfly native to Guanacaste that was discovered by Costa Rican scientists and presented...
    The World Health Organization Removed Cannabis from the Drug Category

    Difference Between Flavor Drops for Cannabis vs. E-juice for Vaping

    Some cannabis enthusiasts prefer to simply flavor their weed and smoke it instead of vaping CBD e-liquids. For many non-millennial week lovers, there isn’t...

    Proven Benefits that Make Hemp Oil Products Worth the Money

    As of this writing, medical science has identified over 200 terpenes in the cannabis plant. While researchers and scientists are convinced there are more,...

    Health Benefits of Marijuana

    Throughout The United States medical marijuana is being legalized, with 20 states now allowing treatment with the drug. One of the most recent experts...
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