CBD Creams: General Information and Therapeutic Uses

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    CBD creams have a composition rich in cannabidiol. This element can be present both in the form of oil and in the form of an extract. Although in general terms they share the same features as any common cosmetic product, the truth is that they present quite defined differentiating elements and that they are derived from the direct benefits that cannabidiol can provide to our health.

    Within the spectrum of CBD creams and ointments (you can find examples on specialized portals such as we can find a classification that is subdivided into three basic categories:

    Body Lotions

    They have an appearance very similar to that of common body creams although, in general, their density tends to be slightly higher. CBD body lotions usually have a composition rich in cannabidiol but also in other components that can increase their moisturizing and nourishing effect. Some of the most common are seed oils or specific vitamins such as vitamin E. They also tend to include natural plant extracts that have complementary properties to those of cannabidiol.


    Cosmetic oils have a liquid body. CBD-rich solutions tend to be a fusion of different essential oils and topical vitamin supplements. Unlike what happens with other solutions, the oil is usually absorbed more slowly.

    But what is the difference between creams and body oils? Although both formats have beneficial moisturizing and nutritional properties, the truth is that they act at different levels. The creams for their part are formulated by two types of elements: An oily component and another aqueous. In the case of oils we can say that they do not have water and only have an oily element.

    This compositional difference modifies the degree of depth at which they act. The oil has less penetrating capacity and tends to remain in the most superficial layers. The cream, on the other hand, is more easily able to pass through the stratum corneum and access deeper levels of the dermis, precisely because of the aqueous component of its formulation.


    We could say that this category is a middle ground between the cream format and the oil format. They have a more liquid body compared to body lotions and their composition tends to include essential oils as in the previous variants.

    Although we have defined three general groups or categories, the truth is that within each of them there are more subclassifications. Currently the cosmetic market has undergone a revolution when it comes to CBD.

    Today we can access formulas specifically designed for very specific uses and profiles. For example, it is common to find CBD ointments or creams made for athletes or to alleviate and prevent muscle problems. Other alternatives, on the contrary, are more focused in a more aesthetic direction, especially when it comes to skin care.

    The Health Benefits of Cannabidiol

    Although it is true that, from a theoretical point of view, cannabidiol has certain limitations in its absorption due to its lipophilic properties, cosmetic products for topical use that contain CBD are prepared to facilitate its assimilation and so that it can generate therapeutic effects at different levels.

    Some of the most well-known ailments such as psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema can be alleviated in a particularly effective way with cannabidiol because this component has proven anti-inflammatory properties.

    The popularization of CBD responds to a vast growth of scientific evidence. More and more studies confirm the benefits associated with cannabidiol: Some of them are the anti-inflammatory, calming, analgesic and antipsychotic effect.

    One of the main potentials of its topical application is its local effect. Once it is absorbed into the skin from substances such as creams, oils or ointments, it acts in depth but without coming into contact with the bloodstream. As a consequence, it does not reach the central nervous system. In return, it becomes not only a cosmetic remedy, but also palliative and easily combined with other medical treatments simultaneously.

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