Less Aggression and More Compassion Is Needed in Our Lives

    In the end the decision is only ours

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    The more focus we have on what we do every day, the less time and space there will be to be criticizing or judging others. This strong need to be aware of the lives of others to review their “mistakes” and then be the strongest judges never ceases to amaze me, really.

    And if we try to do the exercise of thinking and reviewing

    What can I learn from each situation?

    How can I become a better person without believing myself to be the supreme God who tells the rest how they should live?

    It is that sometimes it seems that we are waiting for the “character of the week” for everyone to “fall” as if we were not human and came from a galaxy where beings are perfect.

    Less aggression! More compassion!

    We all do the best we can with the resources we have, really, let’s review what is ours, all of us without exception have “our little things” to improve, and to each one who is in charge.

    “Bread and Circus for the People” let’s leave it to the Romans of the past, we complain that “we are not advancing“, well no, if we “trip” each other I am sure that nobody is going to advance.

    Let’s try, let’s be more aware of what we say, do and even what we write on a social network (hiding behind a cell phone doesn’t make us great, on the contrary, it leaves several of our insecurities in the dark).

    Hard times? Yes, of course, let’s think about who creates those times and let’s start working on what we do have control over… that in the end… surprise…. it’s only about ourselves!

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