How Does CBD Oil Relieve Chronic Pain inOlder Adults?

    This overview shows that minimizing this pain among this segment of the population is one of the greatest challenges to improve their quality of life

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    Chronic pain is one of the most widespread pathologies among people over 65 years of age in Costa Rica. According to the Ministry of Health, more than half of people over the age of 65 suffer from chronic pain, a figure that rises to 80% if we focus on those over the age of 85.

    This panorama shows that minimizing this pain among this segment of the population is one of the greatest challenges to improve their quality of life. And it is that chronic pain, in addition, also affects the mental and psychological field. In order to alleviate them, several studies have shown that high-quality CBD oil can be a suitable supplement.

    Among these trials, a study published in the ‘Journal of Pain’ showed that CBD oil was effective in the treatment of chronic pain in patients with arthritis. Another study, conducted in 2020 by the Society for Geriatrics and Gerontology, found that the use of CBD oil may also be effective in treating neuropathic pain in the older adults.

    An anti-inflammatory solution for chronic pain relief

    Most CBD-based oils and creams aim to relieve chronic pain, tension, and muscle aches thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of these cannabidiol oils. It can also be used to strengthen bones in older people and to minimize or delay the loss of bone mass that occurs as we age.

    When it comes to the topical route, creams and oils are the most popular forms. As mentioned above, this format of products has the objective of benefiting the body from the anti-inflammatory power of CBD and, therefore, it is used to fight contractures and reduce pain in people.

    This form of use also has the advantage that it is a natural and non-addictive option, which reduces possible side effects of other types of creams whose active component can affect the health of the elderly with prolonged use. Due to this, professionals are increasingly advising the use of this type of solution as it can be an interesting option to improve the quality of life of those older people who suffer from chronic pain.

    Specifically, the effects of the use of CBD oil on chronic pain in the older adults are:

    Assorted cannabis products, pills and cbd oil over medical prescription sheet – medical marijuana concept.

    Reduction of inflammation-Cannabidiol oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reduce this process in older people who suffer from chronic inflammation caused by conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

    Analgesic Properties- In addition to reducing inflammation, several solutions also have an analgesic effect, relieving muscle aches and pains

    Improved blood circulation- Some research suggests that these types of topical solutions improve blood circulation, reducing stiffness and increasing the flexibility of tendons and ligaments.

    Improved sleep- The oil also helps to fall asleep better, which directly affects rest, the recovery capacity of both the body and the mind, reducing the stress that causes chronic pain. Therefore, we cannot forget that better sleep also helps reduce pain. And here the CBD oil also has a positive influence.

    Less anxiety- By following the thread of the previous point, as much as less stress, less anxiety and, therefore, more rest time, more benefitsin their health they will have.

    Better state of mind- In the long term, and in combination with other practices, such as a balanced diet and exercise, the use of this type of oil leads to a better quality of life and, therefore, a better state of mind.

    There are different forms of ingestion

    The intake of cannabidiol to fight chronic pain in the elderly can be of 2 types; that is, orally and topically. Actually, both are safe, since those products that are marketed comply with current regulations.

    Applied to the skin, creams or oils are the most common forms. As we have seen above, they have a great power to relax and decrease, which makes them suitable for fighting muscle contractures, inflammation and, in general, reducing pain.

    Orally, we find different options. One of them is to ingest it through droplets under the tongue. Another may be through infusions, since there is no study that warns of health problems as long as legally marketed products are consumed according to current regulations.
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