What is the Wellness Method?

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    The wellness method achieves a healthy balance on three levels: emotional, physical and mental. The goal is to achieve full happiness through a new lifestyle. Do you know it?

    What is wellness?

    The term wellness relates the care of the body with the mind and emotions, and that all of the above are connected. Thus, the way you eat will have a direct impact on your emotions. When you take care of your body, you also exercise your mind and reconcile yourself with your feelings.

    For all of the above, this way of living is conceived as a path to well-being and health. Its usefulness is reflected in stress reduction, disease prevention and promoting optimal performance in your life.

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    How was wellness born?

    Halbert L. Dunn is considered the father of the Wellness Movement. In the 50s of the last century, this American statistician explained that in order to obtain human well-being, a series of requirements had to be met. And these were not only framed in the field of physical health.

    This means that, together with a good functioning of the organism, you have to carry out other actions that lead you to self-realization. Thus, Dunn defines this concept as a lifestyle in which the maximum human potential is reached on a spiritual, mental and physical level.This theory impacted non-experimental psychology and alternative medicine. Afterwards, it has moved to different resorts and spas.

    How to practice wellness?

    This is a constant lifestyle, not punctual. The best way to start this new life is to avoid toxic habits and behaviors. If you want to introduce it into your life, you can start by doing the following:

    1. Exercise

    Establish a series of exercise routines at home to keep fit. Remember that you must be constant. Yoga is an excellent option.

    2. Sleep

    Exercise is just as important as rest. Sleep is one of the most important biological processes to repair the body. How many hours should you sleep?Between 18 and 25 years old, it is recommended to sleep more than 6 hours and less than 11. In general, between 7 and 9 are enough.Between 26 and 64 years old they should sleep between 7 and 9 hours. Among those who are over 65 years of age, their rest should be between 7 and 8 hours.

    3. Nutrition

    You need to eat a healthy diet to get the energy and nutrients you need. Breakfast is an important meal that you should eat well every day. Also, at each meal do not forget to include fruits or vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins.

    4. Mindfulness

    Listen to your own thoughts with guided meditation and be aware of the present moment. Take some time to feel, think and thank: it is more valuable than you imagine.

    5. Social connections

    Connecting with loved ones or friends improves your mental health. Take a few minutes a day or more  to talk to them.

    As you can see, the wellness method gives you a comprehensive view of your life. From TCRN we encourage you to put it into practice. You will notice!

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