Safari Legends and the Nature of Barrio Amón

    A characteristic area in the history of San José

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    May arrived and with it a wonderful tour in the Amón neighborhood, to enjoy alone or accompanied in San José, Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, it is very difficult for someone to be bored, due to the number of activities that everyone can attend, from the quietest to the wildest.

    On this occasion, we suggest you attend the Safari for Stories, Legends and Nature of Barrio Amón, a walking tour, which will be in the Parque Morazán (next to the music temple), on Thursday, May 12th at 6:45 p.m.

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    It is worth noting that Barrio Amón has been home to important figures in national history and politics. The streets of Amón are full of heritage buildings, stories, mysteries and legends, as well as nature.

    The activity will also be within the framework of the Amón Cultural Festival, so on Thursday, May 12th, we will all walk through the streets of Barrio Amón, in search of stories and legends of this iconic capital neighborhood that was the home of former presidents, merchants and other historical figures of the city. (Very important, people can go with their pets).

    Requirements to participate:

    It is important that all people who wish to attend wear a mask throughout the tour, having due physical distance from other participants. If you have systems such as fever, cough, body discomfort, headache or any other similar, avoid attending. Bring alcohol for your hands, as well as comfortable and fresh clothes, sunscreen, a cap or hat, an umbrella in case it rains and very essential, the best desire to enjoy the tour.

    About the famous Barrio Amón

    The Barrio Amón is characteristic of the history of San José. This neighborhood, located between Central and 9th streets and 7th and 13th avenues, forms one of the richest and most elegant architectural complexes in the capital of Costa Rica.

    It differs from the others for being an old residential neighborhood made up of historic houses with architecture from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, an example of which is its low-rise wooden houses with large terraces.

    The neighborhood was founded by the coffee entrepreneur Amón Fasileau-Duplantier in 1890, who took an important part in the growth that was taking place in San José, as a result of the new socio-spatial organization of the Costa Rican capital. The families of the small Josephine nobility settled there, who contributed to building this beautiful neighborhood.

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