Costa Rica: The Land of the “Crocodile Safari”

This Safari is Unique in its Type

Costa Rica has a habitat where innumerable species of animals live, so much that it has served as an example for many speakers when talking about biodiversity. One of the most relevant characteristics of the Costa Rican nature is the fauna of crocodiles that resides towards the Pacific area of the Central American country. These Costa Rican reptiles are qualified as one of the largest living in American nature.

Crocodiles are large reptiles with extraordinary power to rapid attacks.
Crocodile on the river sand

In Costa Rica, there is a variety of tourist sites to visit. From beaches to national parks are centers of attraction for tourists and citizens from this Caribbean country. Anyone who requires a vacation will not lose their investment in this land, especially if you take advantage of the different crocodile safari tours. This tourist route is possible thanks to the fact that the Pacific area of the Costa Rican nation is one of the territories of America, and possibly of the world, which has the largest population of crocodiles.

To make this tourist trip and live the experience of contemplating the Crocodylus acutus, as is known scientifically the species of crocodiles of Costa Rica, it is enough to approach the different tour companies in charge of making these trips. There we can find the necessary information to carry out this amazing experience. These organizations in charge of carrying out the tours are located in different geographical points of the province of Puntarenas of this Central American country.

The tour of Costa Rican crocodiles allows us to contemplate the amplitude of avifauna riches, knowing different ecosystems through the route of the popular Grande de Tárcoles River, mangroves, estuaries, lakes, trails, etc. This tourist trip, generally, is carried out with groups of less than 50 people, although there are cases of companies that transfer larger numbers to the mentioned one.

The tours of this wonderful touristic dream take place at a time from 8:00 a.m. until approximately 3:00 p.m. This agenda is managed by all companies. This tour has refreshments so that tourists have no minor obstacles and can fully enjoy the experience with Costa Rican crocodiles. Each tour lasts 2 hours.

There are many guided tours to watch crocodiles in the wild.
Crocodile tour boat for tourists

The participants of the tour of crocodiles in Costa Rica have the opportunity to see reptiles of this species that measure up to 5 meters long. They also live the experience of observing how the tour guide approaches the crocodiles without exposing himself, and even feeds them, making them rise in a surprising way.

The driver of the tour is a professional specialized in languages such as Spanish, English, and French, offering an explanation, mainly about the life of crocodiles, wildlife in general, vegetation and hydrological riches. In this way, tourists get to know in theory and experimentally about the alligator, understanding that it is an animal that deserves to be conserved and treated carefully because it is a high caliber predator.

The feeding a crocodile act looks as a very dangerous act.
Man feeding a crocodile

The excursions that are made to enjoy the safari of Costa Rica’s crocodiles are usually 100% reliable. Up to date, there have been no reports of crocodile attacks on tourists during these visits.

Each company has a trained, experienced and responsible staff for the realization of this tour of the Grande de Tárcoles River. As a curious fact, there is a population of approximately 70 American crocodiles in this river. On the other hand, the companies in charge of managing this tour possess the nautical technology and the adequate infrastructure to manage to satisfy the security and the demands of the tourists.

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