What has Happened in Costa Rica with Artificial Intelligence Strategies?

    There are already countries that have Artificial Intelligence technology, others are working on it to guarantee greater developments and opportunities...

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    With the promotion of Artificial Intelligence technology in countries of the world, the advances that can arise through it have been noticed in all senses, especially for more precise investigations of large organizations.In fact, nations like China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France, and India are leaders in Artificial Intelligence.

    It is like a global competition, for those who advance faster or have greater trends, the truth is that the industries have acclaimed this technology, because Artificial Intelligence has the power to recognize faces immediately, operate autonomous cars, provide better results in line and strengthen business.

    The State Council of the People’s Republic of China has declared its country to become a world technology leader with an investment of up to 150 billion by 2030.In this sense, the United States also has directed up to a billion towards Artificial Intelligence, although specialists comment that they do not see a very concise future for the technology due to the activities that they may consider contradictory within the country.

    The United Kingdom has 121 companies powered by Artificial Intelligence, which have generated optimal profits for the European continent. Meanwhile, the Government of Canada has been motivated to invest in Artificial Intelligence projects, so some time ago it promised to make an investment of 125 million dollars for technology research.

    Now, is it true that Costa Rica will be the first country in Central America to have Artificial Intelligence strategies?

    That’s right, Costa Rica will have the strategies. The action will be focused on establishing the bases of cooperation between the country and UNESCO regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    We are talking about a letter of commitment recently signed by authorities of the Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT) of Costa Rica in order for the Central American country to develop an Artificial Intelligence strategy in accordance with the “Recommendation on ethics in Artificial Intelligence” of UNESCO, also supported by the Andean Development Cooperation (CAF).It is a mutual agreement that will be accompanied by workshops and identification of AI projects.

    Linking ethics with artificial intelligence

    “It is important to link ethics with artificial intelligence. We are currently working with several countries on this important recommendation and are very pleased that a country so committed to innovation and responsible development joins this initiative,” said Alexander Leicht, director of the UNESCO Multi-Country Office in San José.

    Other Costa Rican authorities such as Alexei Carrillo, Internal Minister of Health, stressed that “the tools that can be put into practice within the country on Artificial Intelligence are very important, since with respect to medicine it has already been used in the same way for approximately 3,000 years and that must change.”It should be noted that Costa Rica has great technological and professional capacity, which can be used in various areas following UNESCO guidelines.

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