What Are the Main Technological Trends For 2022

    Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Cybersecurity, Big Data and Analytics are among the most relevant

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     GBM’s “Tech Trends 2022” pointed the way from the point of view of the most relevant companies in the technology sector in the world, through a series of virtual and free events, in which companies and organizations were able to learn about the main technological trends for the coming years.All of this from the point of view of the world’s leading IT companies, including IBM, Cisco, Lenovo, Microsoft, Red Hat, SAPamong others.

    The trends that will have the greatest growth in the coming years and which, in turn, will generate a greater impact on the various productive sectors are: Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Cybersecurity, Big Data and Analytics.

    These are some of the emerging technologies that organizations should address starting next year, since they will have greater relevance in the next two to three years, mainly.

    During IBM’s presentation during “Tech Trends 2022”, a tour of 12 of the most important trends for the coming year was made, focusing on how its technology solutions can solve business needs regarding these topics.

    SAP focused on sharing information with the audience about the “Data Lakehouse” solution, which manages and analyzes data for decision making, since it is said that 85% of the great challenges of organizations is to review the volume of data to Identify root causes of performance issues.

    The future of work

    The future of work is here … and it’s hybrid, according to a company study, more than 70% of workers want flexible remote work options to continue. Additionally, 66% of business decision-makers are considering redesigning physical spaces to better accommodate hybrid work environments.

    Microsoft outlined some steps for organizations to take to adapt to this new reality, including a plan to empower people for extreme flexibility, invest in space and technology, and redesign the employee experience to compete for the best and best. most diverse talent.

    And is that before the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations had strategies and plans, but after this reality, everything changed. The pandemic accelerated digital transformation by 66% in organizations, according to IBM. Likewise, 60% of companies have accelerated the automation of their processes. For its part, Cisco found that more than 75% of people used digital channels for the first time during the pandemic and continued to use them as normality returned.

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    These are the technologies that companies should take into account when making their strategy for the next 2022, according to the industry leaders who participated in the GBM “Tech Trends 2022”:

    Computing in the cloud

    The storage and processing of data through the cloud will continue to gain strength in the coming years, mainly the hybrid cloud and the multi-cloud.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Technologies that help make business decisions in an automated way will be part of the technologies most used by organizations.Big Data and Analytics Accumulate information to be analyzed and make business decisions.


    The use of software or “bots” to replicate human actions and interact with the different interfaces.


    Protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks in this era of digital experiences, becomes vital.


    The so-called “Internet of Things” refers to the interconnection of devices and objects through a network, where all of them could be visible and interact with each other.

    5G will not only gain more strength in networks and telephony but also at the level of infrastructure and data servers.

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