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    A Set of Alternative Therapies Helps Relax Us

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    We have adopted a therapy called “Shiatsu” (from the Japanese “shi” -finger- and “atsu” -pressure on body’s zones-), which consists of pressing with fingers and hands in certain points and regions of the body. This pressure serves to work against different kind of pains. It helps to eliminate stress, anxiety, fatigue, constipation, headache, and other types of physical pain.

    Shiatsu massage helps to relieve body’s pains

    Effects that this therapy has generated in “Ticos”

    Its effect is preventive and serves to maintain the rebalancing, works the whole body and eliminates the pain taking it from strong to relieve it, its mechanism of auguration effectively eliminating the pain.

    Advantages and benefits for our health

    * Pain is almost completely eliminated

    * Oils and creams are not necessary.

    * The pressure generated by the fingers work in function to eliminate discomfort, fatigue, constipation among others.

    What sensations does such therapy generate?

    The main ones are calm and rest of the body, increases vitality, the person manages to have agility in their work, also eliminates toxins, after a few days the improvement is noticed in people.

    How many sessions must we meet?

    There are 3 periods. One of them is the intensive; when a person starts this period is recommended 1 to 2 visits in the week, for 4 or 5 weeks. Stabilization period; it is recommended 1 to 2 sessions every 15 days. And last, maintenance period, when total recovery is achieved once a month is enough.

    It is important to know that it is not necessary to be sick to go to a shiatsu session.

    For Costa Ricans, Yoga is…

    More than one of the alternative therapies, for the Costa Rican, Yoga is a lifestyle, which is not only practiced here but in different parts of the world, becoming a well-known and ancient tradition. This originated in India, but its peculiar characteristic at the time of practicing has transcended borders and has conquered a large number of countries of the world, and Costa Rica was no exception.

    Effects on the health of  “Ticos”

    Its main effects are positive for health, it also eliminates toxins, it provides energy in people, relaxation in muscles, increases the ability to order ideas up to in some cases to hear external voices. This leaves a sense of spiritual tranquility, new order of ideas, capacity for understanding among others

    Tai Chi is…

    This ancient Chinese therapy unites both meditation and martial arts. It has become famous in the country in a special way for older adults. It is also an exercise of little impact and is commonly practiced for 1 hour a day. Its harmonic movements, and combined with a proper breathing, makes this art one of the most practiced in Costa Rica.

    Thanks to it, we can reduce stress, as its main and most important objective is the flexibility of the body. It completely eliminates anxiety, as a method of personal relaxation. Also, it calms down and release bone pains, and maintains balance with the mind.

    The regular practice of this therapy is recommended in places where you breathe tranquility, and can enjoy the landscape.

    Health benefits for Costa Ricans with oil therapy

    For health, the art of painting is fundamental. Its main benefits are:

    Oil painting therapy

    Communication. This humanizes us and is important for people suffering from expression problems. It is a therapy that decreases stress and generates happiness. It may be said that it serves to self-esteem, helps people who have co-dependency problems; that is, the motor that serves to stimulate brain connections,

    Concentration. Dedicating hours to paint disappear all kinds of pain; it is simply going to another dimension without leaving the body.

    Mental health. Painting is the indicated thing to eliminate the anguish increases the capacity of expression for people with mental problems like schizophrenia. Also, it increases cerebral activity when exploding creativity and emotions, and combat diseases like Alzheimer.

    And finally, it is emotional intelligence since, when painting, people make flowing emotional, organic, and spiritual well-being.

    Alzheimer’s disease

    This is a progressive disease which can affect our memory and also other very important functions of the mind. The treatment for this disease can help but it has no cure, just as it requires a medical diagnosis and can last for years or, also, throughout an entire life.

    It is important to take into account each one of these therapies in order to be able to practice them since they serve to relax, which is very important for everyone’s health.

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