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    3 Beginner Tai Chi Movements To Get You Started

    Tai Chi, also called tai chi chuan, developed as a martial art in 13th century China
    Reduce Stress and Anxiety with the Help of Tai Chi

    Reduce Stress and Anxiety with the Help of Tai Chi

    Tai Chi or Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art practiced by millions of people around the world due to the multiple benefits it offers, both physically and mentally

    Alternative Therapies that Can Greatly Better Your Health

    Shiatsu It consists of pressing with the fingers and hands in certain points and zones of the body, these are used to work against different...

    We, “Ticos”, Are Pure Life!

    We have adopted a therapy called “Shiatsu” (from the Japanese “shi” -finger- and “atsu” -pressure on body’s zones-), which consists of pressing with fingers...

    Shiatsu and Other Yoga Therapies

    In our country, a great variety of alternative health therapies are practiced. We have adopted a therapy called “Shiatsu”, which consists of pressing with...

    Sacred Wisdom for Womens Hormonal Health

    Our precious planet is such an amazing living organism. She provides for us an abundance of nourishment and beauty, as well as all we...

    Tai Chi Beyond Health and Wellness

    TCRN Staff Health, fitness, rejuvenation… these words are associated with Costa Rica and its broad offering of wellness retreats. While yoga is one of the...
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