What benefits Does the Practice of Yoga in Nature Bring?

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    Yoga in nature provides the practitioner with very beneficial sensory stimuli. The vital energy present in the pure and fresh air is a perfect fuel for a complete practice, providing much more oxygen than when we do it in a closed environment. The appreciation of the landscape, the song of the birds or the sound of a nearby stream purify the mind, relax and contribute to making the session a unique and very pleasant experience.

    How can we integrate this sporting activity with what surrounds us?

    Yoga is much more than mere physical activity. It is a complete science that the physicist works so that this is not an impediment to enlightenment – its great objective. But I think (I think, I’m not sure…) that I understand your question: the postures (or asanas), almost all of them are named after animals or natural elements, such as the Mountain, the Tree, the Dog, the Cat, the Cow, the Fish, etc… and all these elements are right there, very close to us during an outdoor practice. Integration is very natural given the real inspiration we have, especially for the little ones.

    Should we be able to listen more to what surrounds us?

    Yes, in the case of yoga together with nature, listening to what surrounds us will surely be better than listening to our agitated mind. When we focus on the sounds of a natural environment, with our eyes closed, our mind expands and then there is less tension, less anxiety and less stress.

    Is health tourism more fashionable, healthy tourism, tourism where you can rest, recover, and listen to your body?

    The pace of life for most people is too stressful, there are many demands and little time for everything, even little time to take care of oneself and with the passage of time health notices. I think that when escaping from everyday life, people feel the need to get in touch with something that brings them balance, be it through a massage, a yoga session or simply a mindful walk in the forest.

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