Overweight Stress Can Cause More Disease than Overweight Itself

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    Empowering and teaching people to continually improve their food choices, while respecting traditions, lifestyles, economic capabilities and personal desires, is essential for good health, said MelaniaCevo, nutritionist.

    How does “fatphobia” affect people?

    Experiencing discrimination and mistreatment is associated with greater anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and a deterioration of self-image. Many people think that commenting on other people’s bodies or food will motivate them to change, but the result is exactly the opposite: it destroys their self-esteem.

    Studies have shown that the embarrassment and pain people feel about their body weight reduces motivation to exercise, increases the frequency of binge eating, and increases caloric intake. The physical effects of this discrimination are particularly dangerous; people internalize the idea that they are less valuable or important because they are overweight. Self-devaluation due to weight is a major public health concern, even more so than being overweight.

    What facts have been proven regarding discrimination based on body weight?

    Overweight women tend to receive less economic remuneration, receive lower quality medical care. The stress of being overweight or obese can cause more illness than being overweight. That stigma can lead to anxiety and depression. According to statistics, more than 70% of women have dealt with the stress of weight stigma by eating more.

    What should be taken into account to have a healthy diet?

    Nutrition is the intake of food in keeping with the nutrient needs of the body. It must supply the amount of calories that the body needs to function each day, it must be varied, it is ideal that it includes fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors, fats preferably of non-modified vegetable origin, as well as appropriate hydration; the more natural, the better. And not only do you have to check the calories; it is also important to see if it has artificial flavors and colors or preservatives.

    How is a balanced diet?

    A balanced diet is the appropriate amount of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water, and not eating more foods or ingredients that have been seen to be detrimental to health when consumed in significant amounts. It must not be invasive, it must be sustainable over time and it must be adaptable.

    It should try to empower and teach people to improve their food decisions continuously, respecting the traditions, lifestyles, economic capabilities and personal desires of each individual. In other words, good nutrition must not only be chemically fit for a human being, but it must be emotionally, economically, and comprehensively flexible and sustainable over time.

    Good nutrition is one that can be maintained for life, without generating social rejection or emotional stress.
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