“Voces de E!”: Documentary Analyzes the Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

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    A new documentary from E! Entertainment exposes the dangers and risks of the current well-being of mental health, before prototypes that society imposes on the digital ecosystem. “Voices of E!” analyzes the increase in the pressure of beauty canons and stereotypes generated by social media, which affects the mental health of women. For the documentary, women leaders of social media underwent a social experiment to show the dangers.

    They were Luisa Fernanda W, blogger, YouTuber and urban singer from Medellín, Antioquía, Colombia; Circle Tatis, an Afro-descendant woman and activist from Cartagena who promotes self-esteem; and Nikki Figueroa, who is Salvadoran, creator of popular digital content on TikTok and Instagram, and a lover of exercise and healthy living.

    The participants posted photographs and submitted to the comments and criticisms of their followers, which were analyzed by psychologist Fabiola Cuevas, an anxiety expert, and other guests from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Starting January 26th, 2023, “Voces de E!” will be available on the EonlineLatino YouTube channel.

    Affectation of social media on women’s self-perception

    The Wall Street Journal published a Facebook study on how social media affects women’s self-perception. The company had been studying Instagram for the last 3 years, and how it affects young users and especially women and adolescents.

    According to the researchers, “32% of teens said that when they felt bad about their bodies; Instagram made them feel worse”. Facebook, likewise, found that 14% of men said that Instagram made them feel worse about themselves.

    In order to counter the negative effects of both media, the company had banned cosmetic surgery filters that showed unreal images of people. Also, it adopted the ability to hide the number of likes on posts.

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