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    The snowfall that covered Jebel Shams, one of Oman’s highest mountains, became a trend on social media after netizens posted videos and photos of the spectacle.

    Several accounts on Twitter shared a clip of the snowy morning landscape, to which hundreds of adventurers came in the middle of the winter cold that reached temperatures below zero, according to the Arab digital media. According to Google’s weather platform, a temperature of 2 degrees below zero was recorded at 09:30, local time, and it predicted that it could even stay that way.

    Snow began falling on the mountain from Monday night, according to the Times of Oman, to whom a Sultanate Meteorology official confirmed that Jebal Shams in the Al Dakhiliyah region registered a temperature of -1ºC and high humidity, causing freezing rain, known locally as slate, to fall on the mountain.

    Jebel Shams (in Arabic, ‘mountain of the sun’) is located in the northeast of Oman, north of the city of Al Hamra and is one of the main tourist places, which offers a spectacular view of the Grand Canyon of Arabia that presents vertical cliffs of up to 1,000 meters deep. This is very popular among national and foreign hikers who enjoy the beauties that the landscape offers during the tour.

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