Costa Rican Amalia Ortuño Masters Adapted CrossFit: 3 World Titles and 3 More at Wodapalooza

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    The previous weekend, the Costa Rican athlete Amalia Ortuño was crowned champion, for the third time in a row, of the Wodapalooza competition, the second most important CrossFit competition in the world. Ortuño has mastered adapted CrossFit for several years. In addition to adding her third consecutive title in that event, in December she managed to be crowned world champion of the discipline.

    The Costa Rican is a 3-time champion of the world, making clear her high level before competitors from all over the world. “It’s been an incredible process, this time, this particular competition was a bit more complicated because three months ago I had major surgery. Emotionally it has been very strong to know if she was going to arrive ready”, the athlete told us this Saturday. “The win was satisfying, because it was more difficult and it tastes better that way, it is more enjoyable”, she acknowledged.

    In Wodapalooza, which took place in Miami, around 2,500 athletes participated in the different categories and was seen by 25,000 spectators, which generated an incredible atmosphere. The Costa Rican crossfitter has 8 international titles. In addition to the World Cup and Wodapalooza, she has one of the CrossFit Games and was also crowned in the European championship. “It is incredible to leave Costa Rica on high. Putting the country’s name high means letting people know that Costa Rica is a world power in this sport and that there are great athletes”, she said.

    Full agenda

    Ortuño is already planning her agenda for the rest of 2023, which will include a new participation in the World Cup, which will be in December in North Carolina, home of the last 2 events.

    Her next competition would be the CrossFit Games Open, an event in which she participates virtually. In May she would go to Mexico and in August she is deciding whether to participate in an event in that same country, or in Colombia. Her plans would also take her to Puerto Rico this year. By September, the Costa Rican would be competing in Barcelona, before she reaches the World Cup in December 2023.
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