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    The story of Tica athlete Amalia Ortuño is becoming an endless source of inspiration. Surely you will wonder why and today through the following material we expose for you every detail about the life of this warrior.

    Ortuño was 29 years old when she was diagnosed with an aggressive degenerative disease in her hips, faced with this reality, becoming a fighter and having ardent persistence became her only option.

    Today she has become the voice of encouragement for many people who are currently suffering from a similar health situation. Ortuño is emphatic in telling us that all this medical information silenced her like a bucket of cold water because such a condition seemed to distance her from the sports world.

    However, the young athlete decided to undergo a series of treatments and surgeries seeking to reverse the damage of the disease. 2 years passed like this, but the efforts to combat the disease were in vain since, being a degenerative problem, it progresses with the passage of time.

    Resilience has been a fundamental part of this process

    Ortuño tells us that after these two years of failed treatments she felt very bad emotionally because she always had faith in the treatment. All this situation and her love for sports led her to investigate and discover that even in the midst of this situation she could continue training, that is how she “adapted CrossFit” came into her life.

    Adapted Crossfit

    After deciding to try the adapted crossfit, she narrates falling in love with this practice. After 3 months of carrying out this sports discipline, she found out that a competition was coming and did not hesitate to try and see how it went, one of the things that boosted her the most was feeling that adrenaline rush again, the skills. To her surprise, she qualified for a world championship in the discipline, where the successes began in this rebirth of her career.

    Two months later she was in Canada with the great responsibility not only of representing a country but of showing the whole world that “where there is a will there´s a way” and that limitations are only in the mind. She still remembers with great emotion that in that first competition she turned out to be the adapted crossfit world champion.

    Non-stop success

    Since then the successes have not stopped and today she wants to transform the lives of other people with her example. Amalia thanks her husband, family and friends for all their support.

    She also shares with us having a very clear goal in life and that was to continue practicing sports. Defining herself today in simple terms:“always being a persevering woman”.

    Finally, she is grateful to God for continuing to enjoy life. As a final message, she tells us that the most important thing is to value what we have, what we do and the environment that surrounds us.

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