Tico Kenneth Tencio Achieved Third Place in the FISE BMX Freestyle World Championship

The national BMX athlete, Kenneth Tencio, won third place in the FISE BMX Freestyle World Championship, one of the events on the main world circuit of the year, which this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was held virtually. Of the 20 athletes who competed, Tencio managed to advance among the top eight and then was able to climb the podium in the third position.

“I competed against great athletes. It was a process of two months in which I had to record videos and participate in this new modality. Achieving this virtual podium means a lot to me, in addition to continuing to wave the Costa Rican flag. I want to thank all the people who were aware of the World Cup and who voted for me. Without your support many things would not be possible, Pura Vida“, explained the athlete Kenneth Tencio.

The competition organizers decided that the logistics for the World Cup would be virtual, so the athletes had to record their tricks and upload the video. 50% of the score depended on the judges and the other half on the votes each athlete achieved.

After this competition, Tencio will focus on his training at home, to continue his sports performance, with his sights set on the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. “At the moment I don’t have any events. I will continue to train hard and prepare for what is to come and start preparing for the Olympics soon,” said Tencio.

The cyclist obtained his classification to the Tokyo Olympic Games, last November, in the FISE BMX World Championship that was held in China.

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