Visit the Manuel Antonio Park and Experience a Side of Costa Rica the World Has Never Seen Before

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    When you think of a serene, somewhat luxurious trip to a foreign location, preferably someplace close to nature, you would think of countries like Maldives, Dubai, New Zealand, and various other European Countries. How often is it that the country of Costa Rica crosses your mind when you are thinking of such a place? Be it your typical family trip or honeymoon, people hardly talk about Costa Rica. However, that is because they have most likely never heard of the gem hidden deep within the country’s heart – the Manuel Antonio Park.

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    General Information

    Located on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, the Manuel Antonio Park is rich in biodiversity. Couple that with a load of exciting and thrilling activities, and you have yourself the perfect tourist destination. 

    Surrounded by greenery and crystal clear water, this park makes for the ideal holiday destination. Whether you are going for your honeymoon or are on a trip with family or friends, this park has got you covered from all angles.

    Ticket Prices

    The entry fee for Manuel Antonio Park is $16 for foreigners. After that, you will have to pay additional fees depending on the type of activity you take part in. Prices for these activities start from $50. 

    The highest you need to pay is $160. The more equipment your activity needs, the higher the pay. For instance, A simply guided tour will cost around $50 to $60, whereas riding an ATV or a jetski will cost you around $150. 

    There are also 4 types of package options that you can choose from. The budget option is the best if you are a solo traveler or traveling with a friend. Then you have the Romantic Getaway package mostly for honeymoons and couples. The large group or family package is perfect for groups of up to 10 people.

    You can also rent the villas around the park for a range of varying prices. These villas are luxurious as well as spacious. You can stay there comfortably for two or three days with your family or friends.

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    When to Visit

    The best time to visit Manuel Antonio Park is between December and April. That is when the weather in Costa Rica is somewhat dry and sunny, with the occasional rainfall. 

    The weather forecasts during this time of the year will mostly predict clear skies. As long as the weather data is accurate and collected in real-time, you can trust these predictions and make your plans at the park accordingly.

    What to Do at the Manuel Antonio Park

    When you arrive at the park, you will be so amazed by all the possibilities, that you will get confused as to what you can do over there. The fact is, you can pretty much do a little bit of everything at Manuel Antonio. 

    Start by visiting the beach. It is a 30-minute walk from the main entrance of the park. You can see that the villas are far away from the main beach because of environmental restrictions. 

    Besides, visitors are not allowed to carry single-use plastic inside the park. That ensures even more cleanliness. A quick swim in the water will cleanse all your worries. You can also go surfing if you want to, or take surfing lessons from professionals.

    After that, go visit the rainforest wildlife at the park that is kept at a safe distance from the humans. You will get to see squirrel monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and hundreds of species of birds. The squirrel monkeys are some of the most interesting animals at the park. Kids love watching them swing from the tree branches.

    While you are observing the wildlife, take the opportunity to do a bit of hiking. There are trails around the park that lead you to the various wildlife. Just let yourself loose on these trails. However, be very careful if you have children accompanying you. 

    You can also go scuba diving or on boat tours. There is also a zipline that you could try out in the jungle. As mentioned before, the possibilities are endless.

    So as you can tell by now, Manuel Antonio Park is not only picturesque but also filled with exciting adventures and activities. Maybe you will not compare it to places like Bali or Dubai, but it is no less of an exciting tourist spot either.

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