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    “Planet Earth and its inhabitants are taking an enormous turn, towards the opportune changes for a more conscious, sustainable and grateful future”. This is stated by co-founders David Grillot and Jonathan Glazer, of the global world movement #ThankYouPlantMedicine. Already with almost two years that the organization will reach on February 20th, they have worked for the destigmatization of psychoactive medicinal plants and psychedelics, as well as responsible its integration into society.

    More than 6,000 people from 90 countries dream of a world where these substances are free from stigma and discrimination, for personal and collective healing. It is precisely on Saturday, February 20th, that Thank You Plant Medicine will ignite a global wave of people around the world so that they can openly share their stories of how plant medicine and psychedelics have helped heal and change their lives.

    The idea is to use the Hashtag #ThankYouPlantMedicine on both February 20th and 21st, to make that call for awareness and support for non-stigma and discrimination. On Sunday 21st, more than 100 circles will be active, to share stories throughout the day. The circles will be available in multiple languages; People will meet online, meet, experience connection, and tell their meaningful stories.

    Wait, what is #ThankYouPlantMedicine, what else do they want to achieve in the world?

    The #ThankYouPlantMedicine initiative arose at an Ayahuasca conference held in Catalonia-Spain, by the Iceers organization in June 2.019, at that time, it had the participation of 1,500 people from 42 countries. The conference was, on the one hand, meditation experiences, music therapies, integration workshops and the safety of the practice with Ayahuasca.

    The activity had an informative part of three days of talks; Attendees were fully acquainted with indigenous cultures in terms of chemical composition, scientific issues, among others. After the conference, the idea of creating a global campaign is presented, to share everything related to healing with the question: What would happen, if 500 thousand people shared their stories of healing and growth through a tool, de-mailing the subject of medicinal plants and psychedelics?

    The stigma is a misconception

    Currently, these plant medicines are seen, such as drugs, “there is a stigma in society that psychoactive plants -are drugs-, which are harmful, addictive and have no use. All that stigma is a misconception,” said Jhonatan Glazer .

    Additionally, there are laws against these practices, that’s why the thousands of Thank You Plant Medicine people, from the point of view of “gratitude”, through all the healing and growth part, raise their voices through their actions and counting their experiences. And it was at the conference in Spain (year 2019), where the whole campaign began, and at the time of presenting it, people got excited, they exchanged contacts and business cards.

    In Costa Rica

    Let us remember that it is a celebration in Costa Rica, for the gratitude, personal healing, of the people who work with medicinal plants, with the wave in social networks and information about working with these plants.

    Global movement

    A very broad event of the decentralized movement will be created, which will have the presence of hundreds of organizations and the general public belonging to the countries of Lebanon, Germany, Denmark, England, India, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, Peru, Colombia , Brazil and more. They will also accompany personalities from indigenous communities. It is worth noting that Thank You Plant Medicine has the support of one of the largest organizations in the world, such as MAPS in the United States and in England.

    Share the message

    Let’s share that message of gratitude, beauty, and healing. Let’s continue to grow with the movement, which at the same time, is considering various aspects for the community: as a school of facilitators, which seeks to have a program, people who can learn the work of medicinal plants, together with experienced healers from the area of Peru, in addition to the integration, events and conferences to touch on the topic of plant medicines and experiences with psychedelics.

    First, it is 8 hours transmitted from Costa Rica with the point of view of indigenous communities from different countries and then it is 7 more hours, with global scientists, authors, therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors and patients who suffered from cancer, anxiety and fears and depression for the death of a loved one. At TCRN, we support all kinds of initiatives that generate benefits in the most natural way possible. Congratulations Thank You Plant Medicine.

    California setting the example

    We want to emphasize that California will legalize the possession of psychedelics like LSD, DMT, and psilocybin under a new Senate bill, introduced Wednesday. The legislation, introduced by Senator Scott Wiener (D) and three co-sponsors of the Assembly, would provide, expungement of criminal records of individuals for their possession or use.

    It would also establish a working group in charge of studying possible future regulatory systems for psychedelics and making recommendations on the subject to legislators before January 1st, 2024. In that way, MDMA, ketamine, mescaline and ibogaine are among the other substances that would be covered by the proposal, which would also allow social exchange.

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