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    9 Benefits of Lavender That You Did Not Know

    Lavender is native to the Mediterranean region, southern Europe, and some parts of Africa. It generally grows in warm climates and as a member...

    The World is Changing And It’s #ThankYouPlantMedicine

    “Planet Earth and its inhabitants are taking an enormous turn, towards the opportune changes for a more conscious, sustainable and grateful future”.

    Discover The Benefits of Aloe Vera for Your Health

    The Aloe vera is an ancestral plant with numerous properties, whose potential is found in the gel of translucent and gelatinous appearance that it...
    Sananga, Tabernaemontana Genus

    Sananga: Amazonian Eye Drops That Improves Vision!

    What Exactly Is Sananga? So, perhaps you've heard of Sananga, the mighty Amazonian eye elixir known for clearing and improving vision on multiple energetic levels....

    Ayahuasca: How To Prepare For Your First Ceremony!

    Best Practices For Preparing For Your First Ayahuasca Ceremony! Getting To Know Ayahuasca! Firstly, before we begin to discuss the best ways to prepare for your...

    Kambo: A Powerful Amazonian Frog Secretion That Offers Healing!

    So what is all this talk about Kambo, and why are so many people seeking Kambo's healing powers? Kambo is A popular healing frog...

    My Dharma – On The Path To Plant Medicine

    Meet Eduardo De Saboia. I love how that rolls off the tongue. Eduardo De Saboia.... I met him when I finished my run my...
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