Kambo: A Powerful Amazonian Frog Secretion That Offers Healing!

    Many practitioners have reported that Kambo has granted them physical, mental and spiritual healing!

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    So what is all this talk about Kambo, and why are so many people seeking Kambo’s healing powers?

    Kambo is A popular healing frog from the Amazon that has gifted thousands physical, mental, and spiritual healing!

    In Portugese, Kambo is known as the “Vaccine of The Forest,”. In many parts of Brazil, both the frog and the secreted substance is famously known as Sapo, which means “toad”.

    Where Is Kambo Located?

    Within the Amazonian Jungle is A Green Giant Leaf Frog. This Majestic Healing Frog can be primarily found in northern parts of South America! Specifically:

    • Eastern Peru
    • Southeastern Columbia
    • Venezuela
    • Bolivia
    • Northern Brazil
    • Regions Of Central America
    • The Guianas.

    The scientific name for this beautiful Giant Leaf Frog is Phyllomedusa Bicolor. The venomous secretion of Phyllomedusa bicolor, is known as Kambo. Because of this venom, the frog lives free without any worries of natural predators. This same protective spirit and quality shall be attributed to each of us, and we will be rewarded for connecting and embracing this sacred initiation Kambo Has To Offer. The Frog’s pure green energy and vibration merges within our own being. In nature, green is healing, grounding, and cleansing. Exactly everything that is highly coveted among truth seekers.

    Building A Relationship With Kambo

    The Spirit of Kambo works with our higher self and guides us to focus and realign all aspects of our character that’s not balanced. Wholeness is the key to enlightenment and well being.

    As is the case for most nature medicines and plant medicines, Kambo is a wise and loyal spirit. As you may have figured out by now, Kambo frog medicine is not your conventional approach to healing yourself. You will be greatly rewarded for building and cultivating a relationship with this spirit. Kambo will gracefully guide you and reveal all weaknesses, strongholds, and areas of your life that requires purging and releasing.

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    So what are the origins of Kambo You Ask?

    According to the history of the indigenous tribe of the Kaxinawá, several members of their tribe suddenly became very ill one day. The shaman of their tribe, Kampu,( Hence the name) tried every herb, elixir, and ritual to heal his people.

    After several days and no progress, Kampu sojourned deep into the Amazon jungle. Kampu, was guided to go under the influence of a psychoactive herbal brew famously known as Ayahuasca for answers. The spirit of Ayahuasca revealed to him how to speak, capture, and extract the white waxy secretion from the Giant Monkey Frog.

    Ayahuasca then showed Kampu how to apply the Frog secretion to skin burns on the top layer of the skin.

    Kampu, returned back to his tribe with new hope and knowledge. He did just as he was instructed by Ayahuasca, and all his brothers and sisters were healed.

    The Beauty Of Purging

    Purging is the ugly, but beautiful aspect of Kambo, that physically guides us into releasing all impurities and toxicities from within our bodies. It’s likely to experience temporary nauseousness, swelling, and body temperatures, but every experience is different.

    Preparation & Process Required For An Effective Ceremony!

    Of course, much preparation can be done beforehand. How? well, you can be confident that this experience is like no other, and the spirit of the majestic green frog will definitely guide you to all broken aspects of self. The truth is, by adopting a healthy lifestyle before participating in any form of nature or plant medicine ceremonies or rituals, one will avoid much of the harsher aspects of purging. 

    A healthy diet, mindset, and exercise will serve us all well, truth seeker or not. However, it will certainly save you a lot of precious energy during plant medicine ceremony. Ideally, you will spend less time purging, and more time receiving and processing messages from mother nature.

    The Beautiful Relationship Between The Shaman & The Frog!

    The Giant Leaf Frog Or Monkey Frog is often sung to by a ancient and seductive tune by native shamans. After which, these divine creatures are collected at night. The frogs are then tied by all fours and lightly stressed to evoke the divine secretion, which is a waxy and peculiar substance scraped onto wooden splinters from the back limbs and back of the Giant Leaf Frog. The frogs are not harmed during this process.

    The Shamans wait for the Amazonian frog secretion to be dried, then Kambo has a shelf life of up to a year without losing it’s powerful potency. In the frogs natural element, it rubs this substance all over it’s body and it protects the frog from the sun and would be predators.

    Each individual participating will choose exactly were on the body they would like to receive the Kambo medicine, this area will be slightly burned using a piece of vine to burn the top layer of skin. Then the medicine will be carefully applied on the burn. The Shaman mixes the dried Kambo with water or saliva and applies it to the participants readily made skin burns. For use, it’s mixed with saliva or water and directly applied to specially made skin burns.

    Benefits Of Kambo

    Although Kambo may be known for it’s intense, but short lived process of extreme discomfort, but many alternative medicine enthusiast’s swear by Kambo’s miraculous healing abilities.

    Across the world, Kambo has been reported to have cured and treated the following:

    • PTSD
    • Anxiety
    •  Depression
    • HIV
    • Arthritis
    • Cancer
    • Fertility Issues
    • Painful Periods
    •  Infections
    • Diabetes
    • Chronic Pain
    • Herpes
    • Candida
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Fatigue
    • And Much More

    “Kambo Restores Us To Our Natural Divine State Of Being!”

    Kambo may be infamously known for it’s extremely intense purgative effects, but besides the temporary experience of discomfort, Kambo also offers us revitalization:

    • Physically
    • Mentally
    • Emotionally
    • Spiritually

    One can certainly expect to receive a powerful boost to the immune system, possibly the most  powerful on the planet! Kambo is truly an amazing healing treasure from the rainforest.

     Kambo is also known for it’s use for treating chronic physical pain and addiction (recreational drug dependence).

    As you embark on your beautiful journey of working with plant medicines. Do so with the upmost respect, attentiveness, and appreciation for the sacredness of this divine gift of from Mother Nature.

    Kambo is  extremely powerful medicine, and should only be administered by the care of an experienced and seasoned practitioner. From my personal experience with nature medicines in Costa Rica, I can attest:Our shamans, practitioners, and space holders move within the perfect community, atmosphere, and setting for optimal healing. Which guides you in setting the proper intention prior to plant medicine ceremonies, to ensure a divine setting during the ceremony, and proper methods to integrate the experience afterward.

    Is Kambo right for you? If you believe optimal health, rejuvenated cells, heightened energy, and a boost to your immune system is desirable, then that’s an emphatic YES! 

    “Kambô circulates in the heart. When we take kambô it makes the heart move accurately, so that things flow, bringing good things to the person. It’s as if there was a cloud on the person, preventing the good things to come, then, when they take the kambô; it becomes a ‘green light’, which opens the way, making things easier.” – Kaxinawá kambô shaman

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