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    A while back I wrote an article about my experiences with the Amazonian frog poison called kambo.

    Since the publishing of that article, I have had more time to experience and learn about this powerful medicine.

    I have personally encountered tremendous transformation in my life since embarking on a mission of receiving as much kambo as I could. I also have had the honor to witness numerous people set free from physical and emotional ailments through their use of this ancient medicine. .

    Although kambo is not a psychoactive substance, it has a profound ability to work in the spiritual realms, as well as the physical. Through my experiences with and observations of kambo and other indigenous medicines, I have come to believe that true physical, mental, or emotional healing does not exist without spiritual healing. This belief is grounded in the concept that we are first spiritual beings … having a physical experience.

    One observation I have had with many of those who have received kambo medicine is that their lives seem to improve. Toxic relationships, unhealthy situations, unfulfilling activities – often fall away… and often very easily. This relates to the powerful cleansing effects of kambo. In animal spirit medicine, the frog is the symbol for purification and cleansing. Through cleansing away all that inhibits health, a renewal can be experienced and positive energy can easily flow.

    There is also the deep cleansing effects for the physical body as well. Kambo cleans the liver, the blood, the lymph system, the kidneys, and more. It is considered one of the strongest natural medicines for empowering the immune system. The medical benefits of kambo are extensive and highly impressive. Yet beyond the data and research collected from studies and laboratories, I can attest to witnessing real life healing and transformation. I have seen firsthand people set free from addictions, depression, apathy, pain, allergies, hormone disorders, nervous disorders, immune deficiencies, cancer, unhealthy and abusive relationships, digestive troubles, and much more.

    An interesting fact about the frog the kambo medicine is obtained from (Phyllomedusa bicolor or “Giant Monkey Frog”), is that this frog has no predators. Indigenous people who have a tradition of utilizing the healing and strengthening benefits of kambo, say that when a person receives 3 kambo applications within one moon cycle (28 days), that the spirit of the frog bonds with us for life. Perhaps the positive changes that seem to commonly occur for those individuals who receive several applications of the medicine, stem from a spiritual energy of protection – mirrored in the fact that the frog is free from predators – like a supernatural protection.

    According to the Katukina tribe, they say that kambo clears Panema, which is described as a negative energy that is commonly accumulated over time. For those that see auras – the energetic field around the human body, panema is seen as grey or cloudy energy. Panema is related to bad luck or misfortune, depression, illness, apathy, and irritability. Kambo is believed to cleanse us from panema and be a purge of persistent life problems, negative habits, addictions, and negative personality traits. Through the cleansing new life is possible.

    One of the most powerful effects of kambo and other indigenous medicines is that they help us reconnect with our true nature. By reconnecting with and remembering our true nature, we gain the awareness that we are ultimately a part of the greater nature of Earth. The ills of humanity come through our disconnect from nature at large, as well as our true nature. When we call back our spirit and the remembrance of who we are, the ability to actualize real and lasting healing is amplified. We are gaining greater understanding and awareness of the profound wisdom and healing potential that the sacred wisdom keepers of the indigenous and aboriginal cultures of Earth have to teach us. It is through our realignment with nature, and our willingness to let Her heal us, that we may experience the greatest level of healing and transformation that modern humanity has ever known.

    This is the essence of kambo – a sacred treasure from the heart of our Mother. This medicine cleans us of the illusions, attachments, lies, and toxins accumulated in this current paradigm. Along with the purification comes the blessing of spiritual energy and a living connection to the healing energy of Pacha Mama. Through this, a kind of alchemical magic is manifested. Our true nature is activated and we move away from the societal sickness that had kept us in illness, suffering, or limitation.

    I have not found such profound medicines in the clinics or hospitals of our Matrix reality. It is the time we start to realize that the further we get from nature – the further we are from our healing potential. Now is the moment we need to radically change our perspective putting less importance on our intelligence and academics.

    For those of you wanting to radically make positive shifts in your life, or are seeking a way to heal, I highly recommend the Amazonian medicine of kambo. I must add that it is important to take great care when choosing a person to serve you kambo. This is a very serious medicine with a traditional training period of many years and initiatory levels. The true art of kambo includes icaros (medicine songs), as well as a solid understanding of reading and treating both the physical and the spiritual bodies. The pursuits, and instead look into the depths of nature for the solutions we seek. Our salvation is reliant upon the very elements we are created from. What we are is what will heal us. I pray we listen to as our planetary Mother calls to us to return to her wisdom and her ways.

    The traditional method of obtaining kambo medicine involves the ability to sing and attract the frogs to the one calling them. Frogs are never harmed in this tradition, yet many people offering kambo medicine are not only lacking proper training and permission from the tribes, but they are purchasing their medicine from the internet or the black market. Kambo obtained from these sources is quite often from stolen and abused frogs. The spiritual connection with the frogs was never established, and the medicine is lacking the positive spiritual blessings that are vibrant in kambo obtained in the traditional tribal way.

    Another consideration is the practice of “ayni” – meaning reciprocity. Few people practicing the art of kambo medicine are engaged in reciprocal relationships with the tribes where these medicines originate. This creates a one-way energy stream – with the vitality and prosperity leaving the jungle but not returning. Before receiving kambo learn about the training of the practitioner. Did they receive permission from the tribes to carry and serve this medicine? Where did the medicine come from? How are they involved with practicing ayni with the tribes?

    For anyone interested in experiencing authentic kambo medicine or would like to participate in a healing retreat featuring indigenous Amazonian medicines and traditions, please visit my website and contact me to register or for more info  –

    The origins of Kambo

    Each tribe has its own legend or story about how they came to use Kambo. The most prevalent legend regarding the origins of Kambo comes from Brazil. This Kaxinawá legend tells that the Indians of the tribe were very ill and their Pajé (medicine man)  had done everything that was possible to cure them. All medicinal herbs known were used, but none helped. Under the effect of sacred plant medicines, he entered the forest and whilst there received a visit from the Grandmother. She brought in her hands a frog, from which she took a white secretion, and taught the Pajé how to apply it. Returning to the tribe and following the guidelines that he had received the Pajé was able to cure his brothers and sisters. From then on he was known as Pajé Kampu or Kampum. After his death, his spirit lived on in the frog where it continued its mission to protect the health of those who defend the forest. The secretion became known as Kambo but in some tribes it is called Sapo, Dow-Kiet, Kampu or Vacina da Floresta. Its usage spread and for thousands of years, Kambo has been used as medicine by the Kaxinawá people, and by many other indigenous groups including the Amahuaca, Katukina, Kulina, Yawanawá, Matses, Marubo and Mayoruna. it is still used widely amongst indigenous people in the Amazon to this day although the rituals vary from tribe to tribe.

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