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    Sananga, Tabernaemontana Genus

    Sananga: Amazonian Eye Drops That Improves Vision!

    What Exactly Is Sananga? So, perhaps you've heard of Sananga, the mighty Amazonian eye elixir known for clearing and improving vision on multiple energetic levels....

    Kambo: A Powerful Amazonian Frog Secretion That Offers Healing!

    So what is all this talk about Kambo, and why are so many people seeking Kambo's healing powers? Kambo is A popular healing frog...

    Effective Home Remedies for Lactose Intolerance

    Lactose indigestion or the inability to digest lactose (a sugar found in dairy items)

    Fasting and Consciousness

    “We are spiritual beings having a human experience”, quoted from Loren Lockman, owner of Tanglewood Wellness Centre.  How is fasting connected to spiritual awakening?...

    Green Juice Goes Mainstream In Costa Rica

    Drinking what you know is good for you, goes in hand with the saying “you are what you eat…” For thousands of years people...
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