Green Juice Goes Mainstream In Costa Rica

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    Drinking what you know is good for you, goes in hand with the saying “you are what you eat…” For thousands of years people have integrated fruits and vegetables into their lives for healing properties and to balance the body.

    Today the Gerson ® Therapy confirms the body can heal itself through drinking organic cold pressed juices, eating a plant based diet combined with natural supplements and coffee enemas! Dr. Gerson share’s his story on YouTube

    a man who has cured thousands of people of cancer and other diseases using detox and cleansing with raw-foods and cold pressed juices.  I highly recommend this film to everyone, but especially anyone battling with cancer.

    What is cold pressed juice?  The process of extracting fruit and vegetable juice with a hydraulic juice machine is slow, ensuring you get the highest quality plant based nutrition.  Cold pressed juice machines use just enough pressure to extract the juice while preserving its vitamins, enzymes and trace minerals up to five times than normal juicing and or smoothies.  There is minimal air and heat ensuring very little oxidation.  You can consume your cold pressed juice 3 days after extraction.

    Why drink cold pressed juice?  The key benefits to drinking cold pressed juice are that nutrients and enzymes are well preserved, the method of cold pressed extracts more juice and nutrients from the veggies and fruit and you are left with a much better, cleaner, crisper taste.  Drinking cold pressed juice also increases your energy levels, drinking your greens protect the body against free radical damage, stimulate detoxifying enzymes and support the immune system.  The overall main benefit for juicing is its alkalizing effect on the body, bringing the body back into balance to assist in healing.  Drinking cold pressed juice assists in cleaning the body of impurities, boost your immunity making you feel rejuvenated, full of energy and more balanced.  There are many different juices detox programs that are specifically designed to assist in healing disease or increasing energy levels and supports weight loss.

    Although cold pressed juices and eating raw is fairly new to Costa Rica it’s the latest wellness trend in the USA and most European countries.  Thanks to Raw Co. Juicery & Food locals and tourists of Costa Rica can now enjoy healthy raw food and cold pressed juices.  They also offer a variety of detox programs and raw food cooking classes to help educate the community of Costa Rica.  Why wait?  Reset, renew and detox with Raw Co. Juicery & Food today!  
    For info about how to heal your life with raw living and juicing contact:

    Natashia at Follow Your Bliss or +506 8720 4632

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