Discover The Benefits of Aloe Vera for Your Health

Used by a man from ancient times, in the present, it is cultivated in an industrial scale

The Aloe vera is an ancestral plant with numerous properties, whose potential is found in the gel of translucent and gelatinous appearance that it has internally in its leaves, with a high content of vitamins, proteins, essential minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

At present it is a species with strategic importance in the areas of agriculture economy, generating of rural employment, contributing to the improvement in health and esthetics of the general population, creating the opportunity to generate sustainable development of agribusiness and the export of its products and byproducts.

Aloe Vera has always been a common member of the home remedy recipes and has been considered a good luck plant, however, its cultivation in present times has been focused on its intensive production for agri-industrial purposes.

Aloe Vera is a plant that provides multiple benefits for the environment. Adult plants significantly mitigate erosive processes, whether water or wind, by preventing the arrival of rain directly to the ground and by decreasing the speed of the wind that draws the fine particles from the surface of the soil that largely enriches and improves its fertility, structure, and texture.

The Aloe vera plant is part of the Asphodelaceae family. It is a shrub with a short stem that can reach approximately 30 cm. Its trunk is covered with leaves that are 40 to 50 cm long by 5 or 8 cm wide. It comes from hot and desert sites. It is originally from Arabia, however, it is found in other subtropical and temperate regions.

The properties of Aloe vera are found inside its leaves. To extract this aloe juice we will have to cut one of its leaves and open it. The inner part is viscous and lacks color. This extract is what we commonly know as pure aloe vera gel.

Some of the uses that Aloe vera serves are: to treat various skin problems, whiten teeth or stains and relieve pain. It is also used in treatments for psoriasis, in anti-acne and anti-aging creams, in ointments to relieve burns or insect bites, to combat cancer sores and in many other treatments.

Chemically Aloe vera is characterized by the presence of phenolic constituents that are generally classified into two main groups: chromones, such as aloensin and anthraquinones (free and glycosylated) as barbaloin, isobarbaloin, and aloemodine; These compounds are found in the inner layer of epidermal cells. Aloin is the main component of acíbar, which serves to ward off possible predators due to its smell and unpleasant taste.

For treating burns.

Aloe Vera is especially useful for treating all types of burns. From minor, first or second degree burns to intense sunburns. It has been observed and scientifically reported how using this plant in healing burns allows for a much faster healing process than with other substances.

Skin macule.

As with sunburns, Aloe vera gel is especially interesting for treating skin blemishes that arise due to de-pigmenting processes or sunburns.

Ulcer treatment.

Just as Aloe vera is interesting for treating skin blemishes and burns, it is also a very interesting remedy for ulcers. It helps to greatly improve the healing and accelerates the entire cell regeneration process.

As a natural vitamin provider.

Aloe vera includes many mineral vitamins with which, although they are mostly used externally, it also is included in all types of recipes since it is healthy for the body internally.

Amino acids.

It is a plant that also has a lot of essential amino acids, which makes it interesting, especially for athletes or very active people who seek more energy.

Other interesting features.

Aloe vera blooms in spring and does so with short pedicel flowers (up to 5 millimeters in length), with external tepals welded in the lower half and with stamens up to 35 mm, currently used to make creams and other cosmetic products.

Thanks to its astringent properties (tannins, folic acid, and zinc), as well as its anti-inflammatory and bactericidal characteristics, it has become one of the most used plants in skincare and treating external infections.

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