Denise Echeverría: "Renew San José And Leave A Legacy To Future Generations"

Transforming the city with new visions is the desire of the candidate for mayor of San José

Denise Echeverría is a biologist and consultant, master in business, an expert in Management and Protection of Natural Resources and has a postgraduate degree in Communication. She is currently opting to be elected mayor of the Municipality of San José Costa Rica, through the “Alianza por San José” Party, in the next elections of February 2, 2020.

Denise is one of the empowered Costa Rican women who strive for the well-being of the people of San José, for her, to fight against abstentionism in these elections, is the main goal, because this has occurred in high percentage for recent elections. She considers that a political renovation in the management of the municipality very necessary.

“We listen to the urgent need expressed by the citizens of this city for new faces in the municipality with new ideas, new projects and innovation at all levels, but the secret is to mobilize those thousands of “Josefinos” who rather than casting their vote, on election day, give priority to a walk on the beach or a stroll on a park”. “We have to become aware of the importance of the election on February 2nd. This is about our direct contribution, our taxes, our resources and the most immediate situations we have in our neighborhoods”, says Echeverría.

Denise Echeverría proposes in her campaign a strategy to organize the owners of “Josefino” properties, so that, through a trust, they can put their real estate into a productive format of their choice (commercially or residentially) and thus boost the economy of the capital. She points out that, already this proposal was brought up by her to the Municipality, but, but in it, she faced the “closed doors policy of the current administration”, who did not want to receive the proposal, so now she, hopefully, when elected will carry it out on her own.

Here we present to you the main projects in the areas of security, urban development, environment and infrastructure that Denise Echeverría has for the municipality of San José:

a) Interlink local economy to generate more employment

b) Recover sidewalks, ramps, sewer lines and sewers

c) Increase safety at bus stops and in troubled sites

d) Promote a Participatory Real Estate Development Model

e) Open district branches to decongest the main office

 f) Adjust the municipal budget to give real coverage to the eleven districts

 g) Boost open-council meetings

 h) A proactive and open-door City Council policy

 I) Fully digitize the institution

“We bring projects to renovate San José and leave a legacy for future generations. We want to see the children playing in the parks again, recover public spaces, attract more investment, work and prosperity”, said Echeverría.

Similarly, Denise Echeverría tells us: ”We believe in a new way of doing politics, one based on the dialogue of ideas and the delivery of solutions”. “Let’s make San José a clean and beautiful city, full of opportunities, a canton with sources of employment and economic growth, where it is possible to thrive with freedom and also grow mature with affection and dignity”.

“Movernos a votar” (Let’s move to go out and vote) campaign.

“Movernos a votar” is the call made by Denise Echeverría to all “Josefinos” (San José citizens). She states that: “The mayor is the person who administers the tax-payers direct contributions, he/she must ensure that there are well-built sidewalks, an optimal garbage collection system, safety in the bus stops, functioning sewers, avoid the taking-over of public spaces by shops or individuals, if we presently feel uncomfortable about how our city is being managed then we must move to go out and vote”.

“My greatest gratification is for all to enjoy the freedom guaranteed by our the Social State of Law and to carry out this process with enthusiasm, decency, and conviction in the system”, concluded Echeverría.

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