9 Benefits of Lavender That You Did Not Know

    Sedative, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial ...this ancient plant is known for its different properties that make it indispensable in your daily routine

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    Lavender is native to the Mediterranean region, southern Europe, and some parts of Africa. It generally grows in warm climates and as a member of the mint family; it has more than 40 varieties. This versatile plant is considered an adaptogen and is widely known for its therapeutic properties. Surely more than once you have used a product whose main ingredient is lavender. We share some uses that you may not have known about.

    1. In the hair

    In conjunction with other products, a few drops of lavender oil on the scalp can help eliminate dandruff and give hair a very pleasant scent.

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    2. For digestion

    The chemical compounds in lavender are used to treat gastrointestinal problems and during World War I, its antibacterial properties were used to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the stomach. On the other hand, its antispasmodic properties help regulate the digestive system.

    3. In the kitchen

    This ancient plant has been the ideal complement to various dishes for many years. Its flowers highlight the flavor of broths, jams and dressings. In addition, the lavender infusion helps reduce stress and headaches.

    4. On the skin

    Lavender oil is a common component in body lotions to soothe irritation. It is also effective in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. On the other hand, this healing plant has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which together with other medications can accelerate the healing process of burns and wounds.

    5. For insomnia

    The scent of lavender has calming properties that have been used for centuries to calm and regain balance. Taking a bath in hot water with an aromatic soap based on this plant relaxes the senses and prepares them for sleep. In the same way, placing a few drops of oil on the pillow or having a cushion with dried flowers nearby can help you relax and fall asleep faster.

    6. For anxiety

    For more than 2,500 years it was discovered that extracting lavender oil can be very useful in therapeutic practices due to its benefits on the nervous system. In conjunction with other treatments, linalol – a chemical compound in lavender – has been used in traditional medicine for its anxiolytic effects, which reduce restlessness and stress.

    7. In aromatherapy

    A common practice in spas and recovery centers is lavender oil diffusers. Having one in your room and turning it on before bed can help relax the nerves in the brain, achieving a deeper rest. It can also help decongest the respiratory system, since it moistens spaces where the environment is dry.

    8. In fragrances

    An essential oil used widely in perfumery is extracted from lavender, being an extremely balanced, clean and fresh floral olfactory note with herbal, green and spicy facets at the same time. It is also very versatile, which makes it perfect to combine with other notes, that is why countless perfume houses such as Jo Malone London, Tom Ford and Acqua di Parma among many others, have made it the central element of their fragrances.

    9. In cosmetics

    The antioxidant properties of this wonderful plant protect the skin from free radicals, making the overall appearance of the skin healthier and smoother. It is also a common ingredient in treatments to combat acne or severe blemishes. Some brands such as Kiehl’s, Caudalíe and Mario Badescu, have used it in their products and its benefits are countless.

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