The Canton of Liberia would be the Headquarters of the Costa Rican Space Agency

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    Taking advantage of the competitiveness of the country, such as its geographic location, the biological research that is generated, the level of education of engineers and scientists, that is why the bill 21,330: “Creation of the Costa Rican Space Agency” was proposed.

    The draft “Law for the Creation of the Costa Rican Space Agency” proposes creating a non-state public entity with an initial investment that will allow self-sufficiency to be achieved in the short term.

    The Agency intends to become an agent of the Costa Rican State to encourage the development of the aerospace area in Costa Rica. It is a scientific and technological entity, with eminently technical criteria.

    International strategic alliances

    Deputy Aida María Montiel stated: “Costa Rica does not have a counterpart to be able to make high-impact agreements with agencies from friendly countries, such as NASA, the European, Japanese or Korean Space Agencies, to mention just a few with which it could be have strategic alliances for the benefit of the country. With the approval of the bill, the requirements of international organizations would be met, since Costa Rica would have a formal and legally established counterpart … “

    Nationwide high-added value

    With the creation of the Agency, the aim is to encourage the emergence of areas of high added value outside the metropolitan area of the country, not only to remove them from the most populated regions, but to use as a criterion the advantages of this province, such as its geographical conditions, the international airport and the ideal climate for the development of aerospace technology.

    The Costa Rican Space Agency will generate projects of high added value, since the aerospace sector requires suppliers that provide support in supplies and services such as meteorology, telecommunications, navigation and remote sensing satellites, these are the main base of economic activities services are currently being provided.

    With regard to the field of medicine, advanced tele-diagnostic and self-diagnosis equipment is being developed that are applicable to a large number of situations that occur in our daily lives. In the case of meteorological satellites, those of telecommunications and navigation and remote sensing; These allow weather forecasting, sending information or communications of all kinds, satellite-based navigation services (GPS), mapping or analysis of land resources.

    Project aimed for Guanacaste

    The project plans to have a Space Center for research, innovation and development, which will be located in Liberia, Guanacaste, due to the fact that it has the same climatic and geographical conditions as the Cape Canaveral Space Center, in Florida, United States. This center will have complementary training services for international experts, exhibitions, a museum that offers additional services to tourism that visits that region and that generates a productive chain.

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