Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a “special message” to his counterpart in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, in which he “confirms this deep strategic alliance” that the two countries have built, reported Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

This is a message “of support, solidarity, support, ratification of friendship and brotherhood that has been cultivated for over ten years”. Putin reaffirms the deep strategic partnership, Maduro told reporters.

The Venezuelan foreign minister said the Russian president’s message from Moscow to Caracas by members of a mission high-powered Russian government. The meeting was held at the Miraflores presidential palace with several ministers in the Chavez government.

The meeting was a review of “all” set projects and bilateral agreements in order to “give a special impetus,” said Maduro naming some of the area of discussion such as housing, agriculture, banking, oil and gas.

Russia built 10,000 homes in Venezuela to help Chavez’s Government’s end an accumulated deficit of about three million homes.

Although the chancellor openly discuss the empowerment of Venezuela’s military strength through military equipment from Russia and China, it was implied.
According to state corporation of Russian arms exports, Venezuela is one of the largest buyers of American weapons produced in Russia, with nearly 11,000 billion of acquisitions in the last five years.

The Costa Rica News
San Jose, Costa Rica