Costa Rica and Nicaragua Heading to a Political Standoff

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    An Ortega adviser says Nicaragua should not care about the opinion of Costa Rica

    An Ortega adviser issued statement “Los ticos orinan fuera del guacal…” essentially saying Costa Rican’s urinate outside the box, meaning that Costa Rican’s are missing the point. Adding further that Costa Rica has no right to alter the sovereign decision of Nicaragua to use the San Juan River.
    Ortegas adviser was speaking in regards to Costa Rica seeking clarification on Nicaragua’s Inter-oceanic Canal [TCRN]

    Considering that the San Juan is the border river between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, many Costa Rican’s regard this statement as ludicrous.
    The secretary of public policies for the Nicaraguan presidency, Paul Oquist, submitted a 45-article bill to congress, on 5 June, which creates a body to lead the canal mega project.

    Oquist also indicated that Venezuela, Russia, China, Brazil, Japan and South Korea have all expressed interest in investing in the development of the canal. At an estimated cost of US$30bn and 10 years to complete, Nicaragua would fund half the project and own a 51%. A feasibility study will be done on the 6 purposed routes. The study is projected to cost $35B USD.

    The tensions were further escalated on 6 June when Costa Rican prosecutors and police carried out 35 search warrants on illegal Nicaraguan families along the Juan Rafael Mora Porras road case.

    Tensions have been between Nicaraguan and Costa Rica governments over several projects relating to the San Juan River when Nicaragua allegedly invaded Costa Rica’s Calero Island in November 2010.

    Territorial disputes of Nicaragua are numerous: Territorial dispute with Colombia over San Andres and Quita Sueno Bank; A maritime boundary dispute in the Golfo de Fonseca, among El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua; Nicaragua also has a maritime boundary dispute with Honduras in the Caribbean Sea and a boundary dispute over the Rio San Juan with Costa Rica.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose, Costa Rica

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