Costa Rica: A Home Away from Home for Canadians

    For a Canadian, Costa Rica Is an Experience that Brings Together the Best of Both Worlds

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    When first thinking about going on a holiday, the idea that crosses minds is that it should be a place that is strikingly different from home. The world is full of beautiful places that show endless diversity through its people, landscapes and cultures.

    However, no matter where we go on this planet, we always feel a sense of familiarity that is both intriguing and exciting. It is in this awareness that we truly understand the attractiveness of a new place and learn to appreciate it all the better.

    "Ticos" are very rooted to their customs.
    Couple of “Ticos” dancing in typical costume

    At first glance, Costa Rice and Canada are 2 countries that are poles apart. However, a closer look at the intricacies that make both these nations among the most popular tourist destinations on earth makes us realize that they are more similar than one can imagine. Very much like Canada, Costa Rica has a strong national identity and is among the few countries that go out of its way to preserve its surroundings.

    For a Canadian, Costa Rica is an experience that brings together the best of both worlds; that of being a home away from home, as well as a country that is packed with enough unique features to surprise the most passionate of travelers.

    Online Gaming

    A surprising discovery for many Canadian travelers, online gambling is legal in Costa Rica. A tiny country that is at the forefront of the online casino industry, very much like Canada, it is easy to access a slot casino for some theme-based money-making fun or indulge in everything from live poker to online bingo while visiting Costa Rica.

    Canadian visitors playing online should not forget about all the bonuses that the casinos offer its customers to maximize their profits. As it is, online casinos break boundaries with their ease of playing from anywhere, but when it Costa Rica, gamblers can enjoy mingling with locals and sharing an everyday activity that is both, enjoyable and fruitful.

    Naturally Beautiful

    In Costa Rica, there are many spectacular waterfalls like this one

    Canada is home to some mesmerizing landscapes, and Costa Rica is not far behind. Due to its tropical nature, the diversity in the local flora and fauna is spectacular and distinct from that of Canada. With more than half of the nation’s land being a jungle, there is lush greenery all around that makes it into an exotic location with unlimited possibilities.

    Costa Rica, considered one of the best places for an adventure holiday, is home to an abundance of activities to get that adrenalin pumping through the veins. From hiking and surfing to white water rafting, zip lining, and snorkeling, there is something for everyone here.

    Happiness Index

    There are but a few countries that share a similar stage when it comes to calculating the Happiness Index of the region. Canada and Costa Rica are regarded as two of the happiest countries in the world, sharing high levels of literacy, standards of living, safety, and life expectancy.

    Even after all the similarities that the 2 countries share, Costa Rica makes for an excellent vacation destination for it brings a quaint uniqueness with it that is captivating. Visitors can experience the island’s vibrant coffee culture, eat some of the most amazing foods, and of course, come winter in Canada; Costa Rica proves to be the best sultry escape to warm up the bones and rejuvenate the soul.

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