Why Travel and Enjoy Costa Rica with all Your Family?

    If you are considering a great family trip, there are many reasons to put Costa Rica first in your list of options

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    Costa Rica is a small country that contains 6% of the world’s biodiversity. There are 238 classes of mammals, 2,000 of trees, 2,400 of butterflies and 857 of birds, to which are added 66,800 types of insects, 182 of amphibians, 225 of reptiles and 6,778 marine species. But not only by its nature. Costa Rica is one of the safest and most reliable countries in the world. It has been named several times as “The Happiest Country in the World“.

    As we said, biodiversity is the great difference that Costa Rica has compared to other destinations. The color is intense and pure in nature. Costa Rica is a gift for the senses and an experience in itself. In fact, this country has established itself as one of the main eco-tourism destinations in the world. All of them are easily accessible to visitors, who have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience while discovering its hypnotic landscapes.

    In this magnificent setting, the country has a complete network of services and infrastructures that allow newcomers to carry out all kinds of activities in the open air and in contact with nature. And all this with the hospitality that characterizes Costa Ricans or Ticos, as they are also known. So in Costa Rica children will have a great time.

    Here are some examples of fun activities for the whole family:

    1)Being able to ride along and admire the lush tropical natural surroundings

    2)It is the perfect excuse to disconnect from the routine

    3)Beaches, beaches and more beaches

    4)Older kids (even parents) can learn to surf

    5)Enjoy the love for animals

    6)Zip lines in Costa Rica are also for children

    And most importantly: It is a very family-oriented country

    Costa Rica may be one of the destinations where the concept of family is most valued. It’s fundamental. In fact, it is not strange to find how several generations of the same family live under the same roof. In general, public services are in many cases reserved for women with children.

    Family visit to Arenal is the magic mountain

    We are talking about a real volcano. It’s not a fake one like the one you made in childhood with papier-mâché. In fact, Costa Rica has several volcanoes that can be visited in its mountainous interior. But the one you have to see is Arenal, which stands out majestically from a sea of clouds. It is an area very rich in hot springs, has a huge lake, waterfalls and enough activities to fill a child’s busy week. It is a safari, a water park and an amusement park. All in one.

    You will be able to see the animals roam freely

    It is one thing to see the animals behind glass or in a cage and another thing is to see them in their natural biodiversity environment. The wildlife is the real one. Costa Rica offers numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in the wildlife, whether it’s snorkeling to see fish in the small natural pools at low tide; spying on monkeys and toucans from the hanging bridges of the Monteverde Cloud Forest; or sailing the seas on a whale watching cruise off the coast of the Osa Peninsula or chasing butterflies at the La Paz waterfall.

    A safe and friendly way for kids to get involved with wildlife is on a boat cruise. The most popular include river cruises in Guanacaste or through the canals in Tortuguero National Park. It is effortless (good for young children) and is high performing. Do not forget to bring your binoculars from home to see birds and monkeys watching humans from the trees.

    Enjoy the spectacular colors of the tropical forests

    Biodiversity is the great difference that Costa Rica offers compared to other destinations. The color is intense and pure in nature. You just have to see the red-eyed frog (in the photo). It is implausible. The color is so vibrant that it seems unreal. It seems that nature was especially creative when it gave birth to this country. And it is waiting for you, so plan today and visit with your family the “Land of Pure Life”!

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