These are the costs to be known while moving in 2021

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    The year 2021 has begun and with more pandemic related restrictions lifted by the authorities, the demand for moving services is surging. Many people find it a perfect time to move, much because the moving companies offer a reasonable rate because of the winter season. As moving costs remain a core consideration for us all, using the cost calculator is suggested by the experts to estimate the cost of your residential move.

    Different moving companies would charge you differently based on the move-related scenarios. Moreover, having a clear understanding of the costs associated with a house move will further help you evaluate whether you should choose a moving company or take the Do It Yourself approach.

    As per the experts, the cost of moving a house depends on a lot of factors including the type of move, time of the year & week as well as the size of the inventory. When you know what to expect from the movers, it gives you theadvantage of preparing for the moving costs in advance.

    In this post, we have talked about moving costs in 2021 at great lengths. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of the money you need to save to enjoy a safe and stress-free move with a credible moving company.

    The ballpark cost of moving in 2021

    While we intend tooffer you detailed cost bifurcation later in the article, here is a quick overview of what to expect. As you demand a moving quote, the moving company would offer you an estimate somewhat closer to the following prices.

    Cost of hiring professional movers in 2021:

    • Studio:

    Local movers: $250-$350

    Long-distance movers: $1200-$1500

    • One-Bedroom Apartment:

    Local movers: $350-$420

    Long-distance movers: $1300-$2500

    • Two-Bedroom Apartment:

    Local movers: $550-$750

    Long-distance movers: $3000-$4500

    • Three-Bedroom Apartment

    Local movers: $1250-$1450

    Long-distance movers: $6500 &above

    It is important to note that these figures aren’t the actual cost but rough estimates of what professional movers may charge you for the said move.

    What is the cost of hiring local movers?

    Now that we have discussed the estimates, let us dive into a more detailed discussion and understand the cost of hiring a local mover. Most of the local moving companies charge at an hourly rate. The estimated cost of hiring two movers and a truck is $100 to $120. However, if you want to hire moving labor only, you may find credible help in $80 to $100. These rates may vary depending upon where you live.

    The movers may also charge you additional travel fees. This is an additional cost which you can negotiate with the moving company. The travel fees are calculated based on the distance between where you live and the destination.

    If you are taking additional services like packing supplies or storage unit, you will be charged separately for them, although it is included in the moving quote only.

    It takes around 3-4 hours to move a Studio Apartment, 4-5 hours to move a One Bedroom Apartment, 5-6 hours to move a Two-Bedroom Apartment, and approximately 8-9 hours in moving a 3-4 Bedroom Apartment.

    If at any time you have to hire an additional helper, you should add $50 to your moving costs. Also, it is generous to pay a tip to the movers at the end of the move, if you are happy with their services. You must add this amount to your moving estimate.

    What is the cost of hiring long-distance movers?

    The key components of a long-distance move cost are the weight of your inventory, the distance to be traveled, and the cost of any extra services that you avail of. On average, the cost of moving is estimated to be $.70 for moving 1 pound of the inventory to a distance of 1000 miles. However, this cist would fluctuate if you have availed additional services.

    There are two ways the cost of a long-distance move is calculated- based on weight or on rare occasions on per cubic area covered. The cost of long-distance moves varies significantly and is decided on a case to case basis. This is why the cross country moving companies ask for an in-house visit to inspect the inventory size before they offer you a moving quote. If they don’t, consider the company to be rouge or inexperienced.

    You can always ask for moving quotes from different long distance moving companies. Compare these quotes and decide which one of the provider is the best for you. However, you should fall for the price alone, if you receive a quote that is way below the average price. Consider it as a red flag!

    What are the additional costs when hiring professional movers?

    While many companies would offer you an accurate estimate, it is impossible to know the exact cost of moving. Additional costs play a significant role in affecting your moving budget. Some of the common additional costs include:

    • Packing cost

    If you are moving locally, expect to pay $40 per hour for the extra job of packing. On the other hand, the long-distance movers will first evaluate the size of the inventory and then quote you a price for the packing service. They inspect the inventory to identify the size, the number of items and the type of items included.

    • Miscellaneous charges

    There are several charges that you would have to pay as demanded by the moving company. Forlabor charges for heavy items lifting to a charge for climbing stars at the current location or the destination. Additionally, there will an additional charge if the movers will have to carry your belongings from a faraway driveway to your home.

    If you want to de-route the moving truck, you will have to pay for it extra. Similarly, if you want temporary storage or a Storage in Transit facility, this will be an additional charge.

    Moving cost is a comprehensive topic to discuss and also critical. You must know what to expect before you start searching for an affordable moving company. Hope this guide will help you in calculating your moving cost and preparing to pay for it.


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