The Benefits of Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica for this 2021

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    The word retreat means “an act of moving back or withdrawing” and this is definitely what you’ll experience. Without the distraction of your everyday life, you’ll find yourself focusing on elements you might normally ignore or attempt to cram into your hectic schedule, like exercise and eating healthy, nutritious meals

    The most important part of any wellness retreat will be the activities at its heart, in a strong holistic focus, with a schedule of spa treatments and relaxation. For you it will be centred around helping sleep better, or balancing your hormones. Also, some days will be exercise focused, helping you shed pounds and learn new skills. Your wellness retreat will be run by a host of experts in their field, so if you focus on a particular area you need help with.

    Is it ok to go alone?

    Yes, while booking a holiday alone might seem overwhelming, going on a wellness retreat alone is almost recommended. On the retreat you’ll learn a lot about yourself, so sometimes doing this alone can help you focus on the areas of your life you’d like to change when you get home. Travelling alone will also encourage you to meet like-minded individuals on your programme and form new friendships.

    Will I get bored with all that spare time?

    Whether you know someone else on the retreat, or you’ve signed up to go alone, the large gaps of free time might seem a little daunting. In your wellness retreats you’ll have optional extras, such as yoga classes, meditation sessions or cookery lessons to sign up to if you are keen to fill your free time.

    That said, as your days are filled with tailored experiences to help you reach your goal, you’ll often find that you’re grateful for the downtime. At first, this silence might make you a little fidgety, but give your mind time to relax and recharge and you’ll definitely feel better for it on the way home.

    Resonance, your best option

    So, if you’ve made your mind up about changing your life for the better and coming for a wellness retreat in Costa Rica, than you’re choice must be: “Resonance”: At Resonance, we aspire to live in harmony with the natural world as a reflection of our gratitude for life. With goals to live as an inspirational and integrative community. Committed to working, living and learning together. Allowing you to dive deeper into personal growth and understanding, spiritual retreats can enhance your inner growth.

    Here, Yoga isn’t just exercises, It is a way of life. Detox is more than a cleanse, it is a lifestyle. We seek adventure through the body, and exploration through our minds. By diving deep into mother nature we re-embrace the roots of our human nature. We are shifting the paradigms of conventional construction. We utilize alternative building models such as bamboo, cob, adobe, straw bale, Hemp, and Tadelakt.

    So, go ahead, Book Your Trip; Pack Your Bags; We’ll See You Soon! Visit:

    Relocate to beach work remote
    Resonance has been created to bring together a community of digital nomads, entrepreneurs, innovators, wisdom keepers, alternative thinkers, mentors and light leaders from all over the planet to bridge the gap between demanding work and living a lifestyle that offers the opportunity to live and work in an environment that is nourishing and supportive.
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