The “Resoñar” Gathering, Connect in Community with a Vibration: “Heal, Be Better And Grow Spiritually”

    The event will be held every year in Costa Rica, for all the people who want to attend and connect with the best of acoustic music, medicine, crafts, yoga practices, good food and our essence...

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    In Costa Rica, mainly in the area of Playa Hermosa, Jaco, an experience never heard or seen by all the people who are looking for different events was lived, where their own spirituality is directed to authentic power, full of quality.

    Of quality, that’s how the participants were in what was the “Resoñar” gathering, organized by the Resonance team, a retreat center, an incredible, conscious and sustainable community in Costa Rica.

    From July 30th, until dawn on the 31st, Resoñar non-stop sustained a strong, deep, significant vibration typical of those who were leaving their knowledge, practices, and personality.

    It really was an empathy, a connection between the entrepreneurial artists and the attendees, because they all went with a purpose to heal, grow spiritually in the community and experience something unprecedented.

    A gathering that already had its first edition, which will be repeated every year in Costa Rica, with a call to people who seek to immerse themselves in nature, surrounded by art, medicine, music, dance, ceremonies, the enjoyment of horseback riding, waterfalls and more, in a safe space free of alcohol and full of love.

    It is a space to create dreams, expand consciousness and elevate the Spirit

    The Resonance team, including Daniel Yepez as leader, design artists and acoustic, electronic, medicinal music artists Félix Larisika, Graciela and Estelle, took care of every detail of the gathering. All of them, the creators of Resoñar, were pleased with those who attended, all quality people,

    The Temazcal ceremony

    On Sunday, it was a special meeting in every way that included the Temazcal ceremony, one of the most exciting and transformational experiences within Resoñar.

    The Temazcal ceremony is traditional sweat, totally Mexican, led by a Shaman or Temazcalero. Many call it “Mayan sauna” and everyone agrees when experiencing it that it is intensely spiritual.

    The ceremony is often held at night, but it can also be done at any time of the day, at any time of the year. Those who lead it can do it in Spanish and Nahuatl, although you can find a temazcal in English. In short, it is an opportunity for spiritual growth that you will never forget.

    Resoñar is also an opportunity for local art

    It is worth noting that the Resoñar gathering had the participation of people from all over the Resonance community, from Hermosa, Jacó and Costa Rica in general. The idea of ​​the meeting is to be constant every year. Why? in order to be able to help the circular economy, mainly local, because in the low season where the surrounding community that lives from tourism has been economically affected, it is here that Resonance opens its doors to help make themselves known and generate abundance, economic income, in addition to the fact that many areas were highly impacted by the pandemic.

    Indigenous art

    Esmeralda Sánchez, indigenous woman from the Huetar Central region, which works for Resonance in various activities, was present with her art and her magic of love. Many people who have visited Resonance had something for the benefit of their community.

    The meaning of “Resoñar” for attendees

    For the couple Jason and Aubrey Mavericks, who can be found on Instagram as @meetthemavericks, Resoñar and Resonance, is about being in community, in a real atmosphere, “when they heard about the event they thought “this is for us”! “The gathering really opened our eyes, our hearts to so many people, we share with the little ones (children), art from great people, healing music, food, yoga, spirituality in all positive aspects”. The couple also expressed that the music made everyone raise their voices, enjoying the talent and the unique melodies.

    In this way, the “Resoñar” gathering touched the soul of many, leaving sensations, emotions to be better, to believe in the here, in the now, in healthy coexistence, where everyone is welcome.

    Let’s live in Resonance, let’s all resonate together!

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    At Resonance, we aspire to live in harmony with the natural world as a reflection of our gratitude for life. We are co-creating an inspired and integrative community, committed to working, living and learning together. We resonate with that deep longing to belong to the hive and the desire to live the highest version of ourselves in service.
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