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    Located 97 kilometers from the Costa Rican capital, Jacó is a town of opportunities for both nationals and foreigners. It is a small community on the Pacific coast, known worldwide for its surfing beaches and the nightlife, which make it an ideal place to relocate and work away from the stress of big cities.

    It is located in Garabito, canton number 11 in the province of Puntarenas, an area of ​​significant foreign investment. Garabito is among the 10 Costa Rican cantons with the highest rate of economic development.

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    In recent years Jacó has experienced strong foreign investment as a result of multiple tourism projects, as well as the construction of restaurants, shops, bars, apartments, beach houses, condominiums, hotels, casinos and shopping centers, which allows this city to have a variety of opportunities.

    Jacó concentrates 68% of the total population of the canton of Garabito, with an estimated population of 20,000 inhabitants. As a highly tourist destination, Jacó offers many opportunities for foreigners, either as an investor or working for third parties. Its warm climate, its gray sand beaches and its wonderful sunsets also make this small city an ideal place for remote working.

    A peaceful paradise

    In Jacó, tranquility reigns during the day, which allows its inhabitants to concentrate on their work, to then be able to enjoy an afternoon with friends in the center of the town, a walk through its viewpoints, appreciate the sunset in the beach or a party in its fun nightlife.

    If you are one of those who has always had in mind to have a business, Jacó is a good place to invest, the large influx of tourists both domestic and foreign, allow businesses to have sustainable development in a short time. Jacó’s economy is based mainly on the trade and service sector, which has great momentum for the country with activities related to tourism.

    For those who consider that it is more relaxed to work for third parties, here you will find multiple options, it is also a place that is so used to foreigners that you will feel at home. Keep reading!

    Magical beaches

    Jacó is located around three important beaches in Garabito: Playa Jaco, Playa Hermosa and Playa Herradura. Given the valuable tourist attraction that the town of Jacó has, its beaches play an important role since both the town and the beach are a tourist center with a large national and international influx.

    Jaco beach
    Jaco beach

    These beautiful paradisiacal beaches extend over fine sand, with beautiful promontories and abundant vegetation. In addition, it has grayish-yellow sand and crystal clear waters with strong and constant waves, since it is open sea beach. For this reason, they are best known for water sports such as surfing, since they have waves of up to three and four meters high.

    Resonance” in Jaco, your best option to transform your life for the better

    Resonance is uniting a conscious community of Digital Nomads, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Nature Lovers and Alternative Thinkers. All set on making this world a brighter place to live.

    At Resonance we clear the mind, understand the gifts in our emotions and heal the imbalance in the body so we can choose the path of personal transformation and serve the world with greater clarity and compassion. Our mission is to inspire, embody and cocreate a community of wellbeing through education, transformation and practical integration.

    Here we aspire to live in harmony with the natural world as a reflection of our gratitude for life.  We are cocreating an inspired and integrative community, committed to working, living and learning together. We resonate with that deep longing to belong to the hive and the desire to live the highest version of ourselves in service.

    We envision a world where all of our needs are provided for by the reciprocity of sharing our gifts and receiving loving contributions from others.  We play, move, rest, create and inspire. We walk in honor and have respect for all of life, awed by the values of nature’s wisdom. This is a place of purpose fueled by passion, while having respite from the hustle.  With an abundance of time for enjoyment, solace and peace.

    The future vision is to masterplan a permacultural development that is focused on regenerative design inspired by nature.  There will be playgrounds, climbing walls (made from recycled plastic from the community’s waste), bike and hiking trails, horseback riding, surfing, ecstatic dance, retreats of all varieties, fire circles, festivals, a local farmer’s market, farm to table restaurant, an apothecary, health and wellness facilities and an integrated learning environment and school for all ages. With the values of people care, earth care and fair share intertwined, we believe this can be achieved while still enjoying our own unique and comfortable space.

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    RESONANCE – Shifting Reality
    For those who have experienced shifts in consciousness and know that more peace, joy, and love awaits in a better living environment. A bold shared vision. A living community and hub for innovation. A sustainable ecosystem for living and working. A model for the new future.

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