Costa Rica Inspires Us to Be Happy and Thrive

    If your purpose is to travel and live a unique experience, Costa Rica is the right country, here you will not only enjoy nature, but also return home being your best version. ...

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    Sometimes, we notice ourselves living in the rush of day to day, that we on with our routine without spending time to enjoy nature and the simple existence.It is precisely in those moments in which we want to take advantage of those pending vacation days in an authentic place, where we can be free and connect with the best of our being.

    Costa Rica is the place of immense and fascinating forests, of lodgings with activities for all tastes, where you can enjoy its nature at any time and wherever you want, to meditate and connect, to bathe in its beaches, see the mountains and be captivated by its sunsets.

    Costa Rica inspires us…

    Costa Rica is an inspiration for many and from TCRN, we asked the well-known Tico music producer, singer-songwriter and actor Tito Oses what inspired him to make his art, and the answer was that a few years ago a person told him that songs like Prohibido Prohibir, could only be written by a Costa Rican, and Tito as the author of the song, amazed asked why? and got as an answer, because Costa Rica does not have an army!

    “The lyrics of my song start like this: “If the soldiers planted flowers, if the bad guys win in the movies… If they declare war and we all go on strike, I propose a party on the planet,dare to dream, laugh not cry, and sing non-stop, Prohibido prohibir“.He expressed that the song´s inspiration is in Costa Rica not having an army, and the fact that people can express themselves freely.

    The activity that he most enjoys is composing songs with a piano or a guitar, being surrounded by nature, that for him is a way to meditate and feel fulfilled.And how not to feel inspired in Costa Rica? If its inhabitants are Pura Vida, they reflect the pride of staying in what has been considered the happiest country in the world, sustainable, diverse, broad.

    Because Costa Rica is Pure Nature, we want to leave you with some additional benefits of visiting our land:

    Costa Rican nature increases creativity, due to the amount of energy we perceive, which in turn stimulates our neurons, which favors cognitive development; Nature can also help us reduce stress, since doing an activity outdoors will help us have a feeling of authentic freedom and total relaxation; In the same way, living with green areas, flora and fauna, can strengthen our immune system, increase our concentration, listen to ourselves more internally and have incredible self-esteem.
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