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    February is the most romantic month of the year and it is the perfect time to talk about what Costa Rica offers for lovers…On February 14th is a date where many people look for a way to conquer or win back the love of their life, the traditional is being left a little aside and the typical flowers, romantic dinners or viewpoints on a starry night (although they are still taking effect) are no longer the most chosen options, now we have to innovate.

    Costa Rica has a lot to offer, there are places so romantic that just by walking a little between them, next to the love of your life, you will feel like in paradise! Some of our followers have asked us about the mostcto visit in this country and these are the options we have chosen for you:

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    Sunset in Santa Teresa

    Santa Teresa is a beautiful beach located in the southern sector of the Nicoya Peninsula, quite famous for its waves and surfing atmosphere, but it also has one of the most beautiful sunsets in Costa Rica. Imagine feeling the sand on your feet, while they hold your hand and walk next to the stimulating sound of the waves… You will probably feel a strong throb that takes over your chest, when you see a smile appear on the person’s lips of that you love. This will become a unique moment and a memory that will last for years.

    Bajo del Toro, as in the fairytales

    This is a small mountain town in the province of Alajuela, completely surrounded by nature. It is one of the places where you can breathe pure and fresh air, the hotels in the area are quiet, warm and romantic, ideal to spend some time alone with that special person and without a doubt fall in love with him or her again.

    For lovers who wish to visit this place, the experience contemplates entering a secret forest, with scenarios so magical and impressive that you will not believe it… waterfalls and hidden turquoise rivers that descend between the mountains, paths that will be accompanied by the song of the birds and the resounding of the cicada, the perfect place to steal a kiss and give a penetrating look of those that will make you lose your head for an instant.

    Hike through the Bosque de la Hoja

    Very close to San José you will find this wonderful place, full of fresh mountain air, large green areas, a magical forest of leafy trees and 4 km of trails covered with dry leaves. As you walk through this place you will hear the breeze that moves the branches of the large trees and a feeling of freedom will fill your spirit.

    To share with that person you love, you could prepare a picnic, cook their favorite appetizers and take it with them. There are also ranches with chairs, places to prepare a barbecue and it is a “Pet Friendly” place.

    Cartago, Yellow Flower Mountains

    Located in the mountains of Cartago, on the slopes of the Irazú Volcano, is this perfect place to take the best pictures with your loved one, since being in a green field covered with yellow flowers is not the romantic setting that you can find every day. Some locals believe that these fields of yellow flowers are part of the Bosque de Prusia, however this is not the case.

    For this month there will be a flower season, which starts from Saturday February 8th and will last 5 to 6 weeks, so you should start planning your visit now. The farm also makes multiple services available to its visitors.

    La Fortuna

    La Fortuna de San Carlos has enjoyed unbeatable fame for several years now with its hot springs, gardens and trails, which undoubtedly turn any visit into an unforgettable experience.Even more so when it comes to being alone with that special person.

    Here you can relax in the hot springs, receive a soothing couple’s massage provided by the hot water from the many small waterfalls in its pools and enjoy a walk in its tropical paths and gardens. If you stay for the night, the dim lights that they light up the pools giving the most romantic atmosphere you could imagine. It is the perfect place to exchange glances and smiles, a few words of love and the birth of a wonderful memory together.

    Guacalillo Rock

    Just a few hours from San José and without going too far off the highway, there is an incredible place next to the ocean. This one seems to be designed for romance. Imagine driving to the rock on a starry night, sitting down to listen to the waves hitting the rocks, drinking a bottle of champagne together under the dim light of the moon that will illuminate your heart. Anyone would enjoy a night like this with their best company. Many love stories have started in this place so do not doubt that you can start your own story or… continue it…

    These are just some tips of the places that, according to our choice, would be considered the most romantic in Costa Rica. However, there are many things you can do with your partner without leaving home or at low cost, remember that a delicious dinner in the company of that special person, going together to a restaurant with a viewpoint, buying flowers or details from time to time are things that although they seem simple they strengthen the ties, never stop surprising who is by your side.

    If you have other ideas about romantic places that we did not include in the list, you can leave it in the comments.

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