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    Canadian Cinema Stands Up to False Indigenous People

    Canada, in its reconciliation efforts with indigenous peoples, has different programs to support members of these traditionally discriminated communities and the creative sphere is...

    Do You Like Independent Cinema? 20 Titles Arrive to the National Movie Scene this...

    With the reopening of more than a hundred cinemas in the country, theaters already have expected premieres scheduled, which also include options for lovers...

    The Largest Arts Festival Gets to Costa Rica

    The largest arts festival in Costa Rica and the region will reach the cantons of Orotina and Esparza-main locations- and Riojalandia de Puntarenas -sub-location-,...

    The Fabulous World of Costa Rican Cinema

    Cinema in our country occupies a great place of preference; the assistance to the movie theaters is of great quantity. However, the country's film...

    In 2018, the Costa Rica Film Festival (CRFIC) Will Not Be Held

    Lovers of good cinema that were waiting for the new edition of the Costa Rica International Film Festival will now have to wait a...

    Canadian Actress Margot Kidder Dies at 69

    Neither Superman himself could avoid this time after the death of Lois Lane, the character that gave fame to the Canadian actress Margot Kidder....

    San José Will Have Alternative Cinema

    If you want to go to the cinema this weekend, but not to the mall, write down the film options offered by the alternative...


    One of the greatest inventions in the human history is Cinematography. Today it is very difficult to imagine our lives without having the privilege...

    Thor review: Blissfully entertaining and memorable

    Interestingly enough, with all of its fun and seeming silliness, the film also works as a fascinating study of gender dynamics and homoerotic identification.

    X-Men: First Class in Costa Rica theaters

    Jose Solís, Lately in the movies, it’s all about going back to origins. Films have suddenly become obsessed with the idea of showing us...

    Water for Elephants: In theaters in Costa Rica April 22

    Film review of the highly anticipated movie, Water for Elephants, which debuts in theaters April 22.

    Major Studios Announce Upcoming Movie Releases in Costa Rica

    A look at upcoming major motion pictures and how they can be beneficial in your marketing strategy.
    rango movie poster

    Rango film review: Animated feature fit for adults

    Rango is a classic Western film with a large amount of mature jokes, peyote inspired sequences, and unattractive characters, which makes it more attractive for mature audiences.
    news costa rica

    Film Review: Rio

    Rio delivers a refreshing surprise. The film combines the Brazilian clichés we’ve come to expect from Hollywood products, with a loving eye that respects traditions.
    movie no strings attached

    Film Review: No Strings Attached

    By Jose Solís, During the last decade, and after the abdication of Julia Roberts as the Queen of Romantic Comedies, the genre has taken...
    the green hornet movie now playing in costa rica

    Film Review: The Green Hornet

    Michel Gondry is without a doubt one of the most inventive working directors. However, his unusually perceptive eye to find humanity in the quirkiest details seems to have taken a holiday when he directed The Green Hornet.
    tron: legacy movie review

    Film Review: Tron: Legacy

    Sam realizes he's the only one who can restore things to their normal state, so he builds himself a team in order to escape the virtual world while fixing his Shakespearean papa problems and looking nice in neon accessories.
    costa rica movie review - tangled

    Film Review: Tangled

    Tangled is perhaps the studio’s finest movie in almost a decade (not counting Pixar co-productions, of course). They take the tale of long-haired Rapunzel and turn it into a simple fairy tale, without an inkling of the pop culture references and dirty humor animated films have made us used to by now.
    little fockers in costa rica

    Film Review: Little Fockers

    Devoid of any of the inventive humor that made its first installment funny and sincere if uninventive, this franchise has been squeezed so much over the last decade that the only thing that might elicit a giggle from this one is its title.

    Film Review: The Tourist

    Grab two of the biggest movie stars on the planet, throw in an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, set the action in romantic Venice, then just...
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