Do You Like Independent Cinema? 20 Titles Arrive to the National Movie Scene this Year

Productions from Europe, Asia, and Latin America are part of the offer

With the reopening of more than a hundred cinemas in the country, theaters already have expected premieres scheduled, which also include options for lovers of independent cinema. Distribuidora Romaly launched its catalog with more than 20 titles, which include European, Asian, North American, and Latin films.

The debut is made this weekend by the film “Victor y Celia”, a French comedy about a thirty-year-old hairdresser who works in a large franchise with his ex-girlfriend Célia. On September 24, the Italian comedy “Ordinary Happiness” and the Portuguese drama “Pedro & Inés” will have a simultaneous premiere.

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A wide offer

The first week of October will be enjoyed the horror film “Download Siniestra” and the family comedy “The best summer of my lifetime”. For November and December, the arrival of “Silent Witnesses” is expected, as well as the French film “High Life” starring Juliette Binoche and Robert Pattinson. In the film Monte (Pattinson) and his daughter live in complete isolation aboard a spaceship, along with a group of death row inmates who agreed to commute their sentences in exchange for participating in a mission to the closest black hole to Earth. 

It is also on the list “Sorry we missed you”, “Hotel Coppelia”, “Interperie”, among others. On September 10, the widest opening of movie theaters in Costa Rica was held with all the sanitary measures and protocols approved by the Ministry of Health.

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