New Tico Film Makes Its Debut In Cinemas: “My Dad is a Santa”

    The Christmas comedy is available in cinemas across the country starting this November

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    The Christmas comedy “My Dad is a Santa”, by “La Media Docena” acting group, is available in cinemas across the country starting this November 18th. La Media Docena developed the script and produced the film, directed by Daniel Moreno.

    The feature film was shot between October and December 2019, just before the pandemic and was scheduled to premiere at the end of 2020, however the crisis forced its showing to be postponed until this November 18th.

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    Story line

    The film tells the story of “Andrés” (Erik Hernández), who is fired from his job and also divorces “Catalina” (Mariluz Bermúdez) with whom he has a daughter named “Sofía” (Valentina Cañas). Andrés must return to his mother’s house (Eugenia Chaverri) where his joker brother “Pancho” (Mario Chacón) also lives.

    Catalina must go on a trip during the end of the year and Andrés must take care of Sofía and try to give her the ostentatious Christmas she is used to. He ends up working as “Santa” in a toy store where he has a somewhat bitter boss (played by Daniel Moreno) and shares with a series of unique characters, among which his fellow elves (played by Charlene Stewart and Gustavo Apuy) stand out, ” Laura ”(Silvia Baltodano),“ Lázaro ”(Dino Andino) and“ Karen ”(Noelia Campos).

    Great humor

    “The story is loaded with a style of humor that will be enjoyed from the smallest to the oldest in the house, but also with emotional moments typical of how we live Christmas in Costa Rica and that we have also lost during the pandemic and we are beginning to recover”, indicated the production through a statement.

    In all cinemas

    “My Dad is a Santa” will be available in all theaters in the country. Several national artists participate in the soundtrack of the film with their music, among them Master Key, Ghandi and Estereo Funn with songs that they already had recorded.


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