San José Will Have Alternative Cinema

    Stories of Great Human Depth, Healthy Humor, and From All Over the World, Will Be Exhibited Next Weekend at Magaly Club and the Cinema Center

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    If you want to go to the cinema this weekend, but not to the mall, write down the film options offered by the alternative cycles of the Preamble program and Magaly Club. Stories of great human value and from all over the world are part of the offer.

    The Magaly Club, with its cycle The Human Value, exhibits next Saturday the movie “Remains of the Day” (1993), with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. The film, which will be presented at 1 pm, tells the story of Stevens (Hopkins), a butler who at the house where he works witnesses conversations about the most important political events of the moment.

    Remains of the Day won 8 Oscar nominations in 1993.
    Remains of the Day (starred by Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson)

    “One day his routine personal life suffers an unexpected change, when Miss Kenton (Thomson) arrives, to work at home as a housekeeper”, details the plot of the film.

    In 1993, the film won 8 Oscar nominations, including best actor and best actress. That is why the newspaper El Mundo, at the time, wrote the following about the film: “A unique melodrama, both immeasurable and masterful”. The whole film runs through each of the minimal inflections of a soul, of a face that breaks inside”.

    The film will be accompanied by a cinephorus-journalist Fernando Chaves, who will analyze the film and its relationship with the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, on which it is based. Tickets to watch Remains the Day has a value of ¢ 2,500. If you are a student or gold citizen, you should only pay ¢ 2,000.

    In the Preamble program, for its part, brings cinema from almost everyone to please its moviegoers. Films from Argentina, Brazil, the United States, France, and Mexico are the ones that offer this varied program, which is free and takes place at the Cinema Center.

    On Thursday, for example, enjoy the comedy “Ahí Está el Detalle” (1940), starring Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”. In the film, which begins at 7 pm, we will watch how the dog Bobby, and a gangster of the same name, unleashes a series of entanglements between a jealous husband, his nervous wife, a mischievous maid, and the unique Cantinflas.

    Ahí Está el Detalle was one of the most memorable films of Cantinflas, the famous Mexican comedian.
    Ahí Está el Detalle Pop Poster (starred by Cantinflas)

    On Friday, at the same time, Paterson, Jim Jarmusch’s film about a bus driver who is fond of poetry will be screened. Next Saturday, May 12th, meanwhile, there will be functions at 4 and 7 pm.

    At the 1st hour, a series of Costa Rican short films will be presented, while at night the protagonist will be the French film Aya de Yopougon (2013). Aya de Yopougon “tells the story of 3 friends, Aya, Adjoua, and Bintou. They are young, beautiful and have a desire to do things: one prefers to dance, another to go out with boys, and another to be more than a housewife. The only thing they want is to live their lives, and that is already a lot”, states the argument.

    On Sunday, at 4 pm, Argentina introduces the film “Las Cinéfilas” (2017), by María Álvarez. According to the film’s storyline, “Cinephiles are retired women from Argentina, Spain, and Uruguay, who go to the movies every afternoon. Like a leak, fiction sneaks into their lives and leaves indelible marks”.

    At 7 pm, Preamble closes with “Amarelo Mango” (2002), a Brazilian film by Cláudio Assis. The film is a picture of everyday life in Recife, in Brazil, where the inhabitants of the area struggle to survive in the midst of difficulties.

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