Spiritual Accompaniment Is Necessary For Health

    To achieve comprehensive health requires a balance between mind, body and spirit. The spiritual aspect is often neglected

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    In order to achieve well-being, many people are concerned about including exercise routines and new ways of eating in their lives. However, sometimes they ignore that illnesses that already have physical repercussions can come from feelings or emotional events that make them sick. To know the integral health, and to know how to achieve it, a balance between the mind, the body, and the spirit is required.

    This is explained by the specialist in counseling of the Spiritual Care Unit, of Hospital Clínica Bíblica, Douglas Fernández, who also assures that it is vitally important to analyze spiritual and emotional health and thus be able to identify when something is wrong.

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    “During our work, we have confirmed that on many occasions the problem that physically afflicts a person has an origin in the spiritual or emotional part. There is no better medicine than having happy thoughts and keeping your spirits up”, emphasizes Fernández.

    Steps to work spiritual health

    When a person recognizes that they need spiritual support, and works on this important factor on a daily basis, physical health is positively impacted. Therefore, it is important to know that the way to achieve spiritual and emotional health depends on the rhythm of each person.

    But there are basic recommendations to consider:

    • Identify and accept that help is needed from a person capable of listening to what worries us, since it is of vital consideration to externalize feelings.
    • Understand your life purpose and accept yourself to develop the ability to see those around you with love.
    • Maintain daily spiritual readings such as those offered by the Bible, or self-improvement books that are not based on the power of oneself but of God and the help that others can provide.

    “The emotional and spiritual area of ​​a person is an issue that should always be worked on, hopefully on a daily basis, and not assume that, with a single conversation session with a counselor, or spiritual guide, you will find the solution. Spiritual health is a seed that is planted in the person when they discover that it is part of comprehensive health and that they must take care of themselves every day to see the fruits,” adds Fernández.

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