Shakira is in Costa Rica: Colombian Artist Arrived this Past Wednesday

    She is heading with her family to the Costa Rican Pacific coast

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    Shakira is in Costa Rica. The Colombian arrived in the country this past Wednesday, as confirmed by the Directorate of Migration.The exact agenda of the singer and her two children, who also accompany her, according to journalist Glenda Umaña, is unknown.

    The communicator told her social networks last night that she saw her with her offspring, who were wearing Lakers shirts.Umaña recounted that both Shakira and little Milan and Sasha had sushi for dinner at a Josefino hotel. The former CNN anchor says she tried to reach her but couldn’t. She did not reveal the name of the place where they stayed last night.

    “What a great joy that she enjoys the beauties of my country. Then I found out that tomorrow (this Thursday) they will leave for the Pacific. It was the original plan for today (yesterday) but due to the weather they had to stay the night in San José,” Umaña wrote.

    She shared a photo with Antonio Wílliam Mebarak (known as Tonino), the singer’s brother on the father’s side. He has become not only her right hand in business, but also her shield during her separation from Piqué, father of the children.

    Tonino has also been closely with Shakira in legal disputes in Spain for tax issues.The singer – who now resides in Miami after moving from Barcelona – has had a very active social life recently.

    A new flame?

    She has been seen on a couple of occasions accompanied by Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton. The European gossip media suggest that there is more than just friendship between the two.Weeks ago, this time in Miami, she shared with actor Tom Cruise. Shakira’s relatives assure that both are good friends.


    Recording with the Argentine producer Bizarrap a song addressed to her ex-partner Gerard Piqué was a “release” to overcome the breakup, said the Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira in the first television interview after their separation, which took place last February.”My songs are the best therapy, they are more effective than a visit to the psychologist, to the psychoanalyst,” she told the Mexican network Televisa.

    The artist released the song “BZRP Music Session #53” last January, in which she expressly refers to the former soccer player and her current partner, the Spanish Clara Chía. In a matter of hours, the piece had already been listened to more than 30 million times and set social media on fire.

    “I entered the studio in one way and left in another (…), it was a great outlet that was also necessary for my own healing, for my own recovery process,” explained Shakira, who wore a salmon pink blouse.

    “I think I would be in a very different place if I hadn’t had that song, the chance to express myself, to think about the pain,” she added.Also revealing that it was at the suggestion of her 10-year-old son Milan that she decided to record with the Argentine producer.”He told me ‘you have to do something with Bizarrap, he is the Argentine god,'” the singer recounted smiling when she remembered the boy’s words.

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