Costa Rican Soccer Players Participate in Campaign Against Racism

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    This weekend, in round 14 of the local tournament, the players of the 12 teams from the first division of Costa Rican soccer will wear shirts with the phrase: “Respect, No to Racism”. In this way, the sport that is passion in this country participates in the seventh edition of this campaign, promoted by the vice-presidency of Costa Rica, the Union of Football Clubs of the First Division (Unafut) and various international organizations, with the aim of to eliminate racial discrimination in Soccer.

    For all sports venues

    In addition to wearing these jerseys, there will be banners alluding to the crusade in the stadiums and before starting each of the six games on stage 14, the captains of each team will spread messages to promote the incorporation of values in sports venues.

    The campaign was presented at the Tico Presidential Office, with the participation of President Carlos Alvarado, Vice President Epsy Campbell, Minister of Sports Karla Alemán, Presidential Commissioner for Afro-descendant Affairs, Enrique Joseph, and President of Unafut, Julián Solano.

    This activity is usually carried out in September, on the occasion of the Day of the Black Person and Afro-Costa Rican Culture, but its promoters advanced it to make it coincide with the commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21st.

    Tico President and Vice President participate

    “We want to reinforce the message to eradicate all forms of racism and racial discrimination present not only in sport, but in our society in general, especially in this context of growing social mobilization”, said Tico Vice President Campbell.

    President Alvarado exalted that sports should only be an instrument of tolerance, respect and peace, while highlighting the joint work to develop this campaign aimed at a path towards the non-existence of acts of violence, racism or any form of contrary discrimination to human dignity.

    No to racism

    During the event, Alvarado and Campbell recognized the Tico soccer player Keyner Brown, from Club Sport Herediano, for his courage and determination to change the name on his shirt and place the phrase ‘NO TO RACISM’, an exemplary action to promote a culture of respect and peace in sports spaces. “I have received very good comments since I put that phrase on my shirt, I hope this small action will help to put a stop to racist and discriminatory comments,” said Brown.

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