Costa Rica Approves Law Against Violence and Racism in Sporting Events

Costa Rica Approves Law Against Violence and Racism in Sporting Events

The Costa Rican Legislative Assembly has now passed the “law against violence and racism in sporting events”. Which is of utmost importance because in recent years it has been seen how these types of negative manifestations have gained space in sporting events. And with this, Costa Rica is once again a pioneer in respecting the human rights of all citizens.

This new law indicates that the person who makes insults or racist and violent acts may not attend sporting events for up to 4 years. In addition, this law creates a database of violators and prohibits soccer clubs from allocating specific spaces to organized bars.

The law prevents the entry or the permanence in the premises of people who do not comply with it. In addition, the offender will not be able to attend sports events for up to 4 years; and whoever carries firearms or knives will be prevented from entering the premises for one year.

“This regulation is very important so that the exercise of sport is protected in all countries, we hope to be an example and that once and for all we eradicate these two evils: violence and racism,” said the executive director of the Association of Professional Players of Soccer (ASOJUPRO), Steven Bryce. It is important to know that the Association of Professional Soccer Players was the main promoter of this law.

Respect for human rights… Stop the violence!

Respect for human rights has been the flag of the Costa Rican government and although we know that there is still much work ahead to be done. Without a doubt, the approval of this law is a great advance.

It is important to know that in addition to this law, the offending person can add other criminal offenses depending on the severity. Another regulation established by law, is that sports venues or event managers must eliminate the spaces reserved for the (aggressive) group fans (barras) in football stadiums.

The law is also precise and indicates that the sports groups that organize events and do not abide by it, will be sanctioned with the temporary suspension for up to 5 days or could even be disabled for a full season.

All these regulations aim to totally eradicate violence and racism in sporting events. And last but not least, if it is the athlete, referee, or sports judge who incurs an act of racism or violence, he is exposed to the withdrawal of his license for a period of between 1 to 4 years.

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