Seven Tips to Start 2022 With an Efficient Management of the Family Economy

    With the intention of achieving goals or dreams

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    Managing the family economy can be one of the main challenges for people in 2022, especially after a difficult 2021 due to the situation of the pandemic.However, managing money efficiently and sustainably is essential for the present and future, with the intention of achieving goals or dreams.

    That is why it is important to take into account some financial advice, which also allows you to carry out a savings plan to face a possible emergency.Here are useful recommendations:

    Plan your income and expenses

    Keep a strict control of your personal and family finances, adhering to the economic reality that you live.

    Protect yourself

    If you have credits in dollars, try to periodically buy this currency in systems such as Monex.

    Read the market

    Evaluate what is the behavior of the dollar in a historical way, so that you take advantage and buy during the periods of decline in the exchange rate.

    Save based on your debts

    Try to schedule monthly savings that you can later apply to your debts in colones or dollars.

    Lower the cost of utilities

    Inside the home there are other savings you could make that would have an immediate effect on your wallet.

    Stick to a budget

    Living on a budget is not limiting yourself. On the contrary, it is to know in what we spend our money or in what we invest it.

    Save based on your goals

    Always think about saving in the short, medium and long term, depending on the goals you set yourself, that will make your life easier.

    Plan ahead

    In addition to these tips, it is important to have a clear outline for planning your personal and family finances for the future.


    What your income will be next year and see if it is possible to make it grow with some adjustments or extra work.


    Itemize your expenses and loan and insurance installment payments so that you are clear about your monthly outlook.

    Plan and schedule

    Those extraordinary expenses that arise, such as the payment of insurance, taxes and other expenses that are made for a specific month.

    Try to have a monthly savings margin Define short-, medium- and long-term goals and be disciplined.
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