In Costa Rica They Propose Reforming law to Create an Attention Center for Intrafamily Violence

    Marcela Guerrero presented a project to counter the closure of the 911 program that attends to victims of this type of violence and gender

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    As a solution to the closure of the 911 program that serves victims of family violence, the Costa Rican Minister for the Status of Women, Marcela Guerrero, presented a new bill to the Legislative Assembly to create a specialized care center.

    The phone line that will close deals with cases of street sexual harassment, sexual crimes, harassment at work, in teaching, among others. For this reason, Guerrero proposed the reform of the law of the National Institute of Women (INAMU), with which the space would be created.

    As the Minister commented in her appearance to attend the closure of the 911 Intrafamily Violence Attention Operational Center (COAVIF), “the reform of the INAMU law that the center creates must be consigned by the interest expressed in this Legislative Assembly and by the different sectors permanently by a legal framework”.

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    “The only way in which 911 can assume the attention of the Center would be through the modification of article 6 of Law 7566 for the Creation of the 911 Emergency System and the release of the fiscal rule to deal with the budgetary part”, explained Elena Amit, director of Emergencies 911.As part of the project to open the center, the 14 people currently working at COAVIF would be transferred to INAMU to be integrated into the new system.

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